30 Best iPhone XR Cases You Wont Find AnyWhere Else

30 Best iPhone XR Cases
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You always need an extra protection for that iPhone of yours from damages like scratches, scruffs, or falls that could make the phone go south. You don’t just go around wrapping it up in shawls simply because you want to protect the phone.

You have to get the casing that offers not only protection, but also class and design. So for your iPhone XR, here is a list of the best casing.

1 Olixar NovaShield Bumper Case

This casing is modern and sleek, and it suites the XR phone so well. It has a gloss bumper that covers the edges of the phone protecting it from drops. In addition, there is a TPU cover that is a 100% transparent allowing for the XR’s color to glow. Check price at Olixar

Olixar NovaShield Bumper Case

2 Olixar Ultra-Thin Case

This casing lives up to its name and offers an all round protection to drops and falls, and scratches. This casing has a ‘Matrix Dot Pattern’ which prevents the case from moisture buildup and watermarking (can leave your phone ugly). Its a budget casing for your iPhone XR.

3 Ghostek Exec 3 Series Wallet Case

It has a tough bumper that provides an all round protection, and it still has a seperate wallet. This case apart from protecting your phone can be used to store your cash and IDs, and the wallet can be taken off also.

Ghostek Exec 3 series

4 Ghostek Atomic Slim 2 Tough Case

This is indeed a tough case, with focus centering on protecting the edges of your iphone XR. It has a stylish two colour scheme which will add style and colour to your Iphone XR.

5 Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Shell Case

This case adds bling to your already blinging XR device. This standard graded iPhone XR case is all about adding style while protecting your phone.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Shell Case

6 Rearth Ringke Air 3-in-1 Kit

This is sort of a utility kit, containing a case, a wrist wrap, and a handy wallet support for your XR phone. The ultra slim case is 100% crystal clear that shows the beautiful XR design through it.

7 Ghostek Cloak 4 Iphone XR Tough Cases

This is a super slim ultra tough bumper case that protects your phone securely from scratches. This case has been tested for drop protection and so it lives up to its build and design. Plus this casing is affordable to get.

8 Tech21 Evo Check Case

Though it doesn’t give a crystal clear transparency, this casing can give your phone the protection it is designed to give. Another thing, if you don’t want the flashy nature of your XR device, then you can go for this as it has a dull smokey colour theme.

Tech21 Evo Check Case

9 UAG Play Tough Protective Case

This casing is made for maximum especially drop, since it has the military standard drop test. It rocks a super reinforced air-cushioned corners to protect the XR phone from drops. Apart from toughness, this casing looks sleek.

10 OtterBox Pursuit Series

This casing is crafted from a hard TPU to give protection to your XR phone. Plus with its sleek glossy black stiffened end, this case would give your phone the optimal protection. The rear window is also thin and crystal clear.

OtterBox Pursuit Series

11 Sena UltraSlim Leather Sleeve

This case lives up to its name, starting with being tactile, soft and comfortable to the feel. Its high quality leather make gives a bespoke design to your iphone XR device. Be rest assured that your device is protected with this case. Check price on Amazon. See price on Amazon.

Sena UltraSlim Leather Sleeve

12 Peel Super Thin

This Peel case is really super thin, as you don’t get to feel there is a casing over your iphone; it doesn’t really add any bulk weight to your device. Not too strong though, but strong enough to protect your iphone from scratches and scuffs.

Peel Super Thin

13 Mous Limitless

The maker of this casing uses a protection technology like no other. It includes tiny air pockets and a cross-linking polymer chains. The grade of standard drop protection for this case is high: more than 20 feet. It comes with a screen protector and has a lip to protect the front if it falls that way. Can be gotten on Amazon for $39.99

14 SnakeHive Vintage Wallet Case

This case comes in shades of different colours-black, brown, or chestnut, or brighter colours of lemony green or honey gold. It has a magnetic closeup , and the wallet can be used to store at least 3 credit cards and cash. Protection with this is really vintage. Can be gotten for around $29.99.

SnakeHive Vintage Wallet Case

15 Pipetto Slim Wallet Case

The leather design of this casing is attractive and it comes in black, navy and dusty pink. It has a wallet which can be snapped close plus a microfiber lining to protect the screen. This brand of wallet casing design has a high drop protection and its worth the price at $39.99

16 Lucrin Classic Case for Iphone XR

This case is simple, yet elegant. It’s not just a casing but its a pouch and wallet you can use for your extra cash, credits or ID cards. It is made of leather, making it have a vintage feel, and it comes in different colours. Plus with this case, the drop protection it offers is high. Can be gotten on Amazon for around $59.

Lucrin Classic Case for Iphone XR

17 Gear4 Platoon

This phone casing is made from a D30 special material which hardens when it is hit. Meaning with a protective material for a phone casing, you can drop your iphone from a height of about 20 feet, and nothing shall by any means hurt it. It is slim and light but it adds a little weight at the edge. This sells for about $59.9.

18 Nodus Access Case III

The Nodus case is thinner and lighter, but it performs its duty well, all thanks to the tiny microscopic suctions cups at the back of the casing. This casing holds the phone very well without any adhesive. It can be gotten for $51.99.

Nodus Acess Case III

19 Casetify Impact

The Casetify makers makes numerous cases for iPhones. With the impact type, it has a shock-absorbing material called quitech which is safe at keeping your iPhone XR pretty safe. It comes in different designs and colours which you can pick from. You can get this case at a starting price of $29.

20 Speck Presidio Folio

The speck case makers have been living up to expectations since they started making cases for iphones. The presidio Folio for your iphone XR is a strong fit as handles drop up to 10 feet, plus it comes in different colours for you to pick.

Speck Presidio Folio

21 Bello Fino Wallet Case

This casing is an authentic handmade leather case for protection and for also storing your cash, credit cards, and IDs. It comes in colours like chocolate, whiskey, or galloper back exterior. Can be gotten from around $75.

22 Twelve South

It is shaped like a novelty old book cover. It doubles as a casing for your iphone XR and also for keeping your cash, credit and debit cards. You can prop your iphone on this one for support while watching a movie. Price starts at $69.99.

23 Casetify Grip Clear

This is a clear transparent version of the casetify product. Although it doesn’t meet military drop grade standard, it offers a drop protection up to four feet, and it is sturdy enough in doing so. It comes in black, pink, white. Price is about $45.

Casetify Grip Clear

24 Proporta Flex Switch Carbon Fibre

This offers more protection due to its sturdier material. This hardshell case is made from TPU gel and has air shock wall to absorb shocks from falls, thus it gives your phone the protection it was meant to give. And yes this casing supports wireless charging without disrupting it.

25 KerfCase Wood Case

This casing is entirely made of wood, even down to the buttons. It has an added touch of luxurious suede lining which acts as a protective guard for this casing. The fantastic thing about this casing is that it comes in 19 different kinds of wood. Price depends on the kind of wood with walnut at $69.

26 Ringke Onyx

This is a shiny, black and snug casing which offers impressive protection for a case that is very slim. The plastic it is built with has a smooth feel with comfortable grip. Despite its slim nature, it boasts an advanced shock absorption via Military grade, protecting it up to 4 to 6 feet drop. It can be gotten for a cheap price of $7-8.

Ringke Onyx

27 Mujjo Full Leather Case

This leather case exudes elegance, having a textured  grip that is hard to keep your hands from. The case snaps snugly to the XR phone, while covering the buttons subtly. It can be gotten around $44.95 on Amazon.

28 Nodus Shell Case II

This casing is made from full grain vegetable tanned italian Leather. It has a perfect grip and provides a nice wrapping around the Iphone XR buttons. Its interior is the shock absorbent polycarbonate. So it gives your phone the needed protection it deserves. Pricing starts at $63.98

Nodus Shell case

29 Nomad Rugged Case

This casing has a leather build. It’s a durable casing that offers up to 6 feet drop protection. It is so because it is made from a combination of Horween Leather and  Polycarbonate. It is incredibly well made and pricing starts from $44.95.

Nomad Rugged Case

30 Moshi SuperSkin

This casing is a 0.35mm thin case. With it covering your phone,  you could hardly notice it. With it still on, it allows for wireless charging, plus preventing scratch and scruffs. Price for this casing starts at $24.45.

This is a robust list that we feel satisfy your quandary on which casing you can afford based on your pocket. Go get the one that your heart beats for.

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