Ultimate Guide: What To Note About The Airtel packages

Airtel Packages
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Table of Contents

This Article will help you discover the various packages we have on the Airtel Network – the Benefits, What to enjoy, offers and their respective Migration codes.

Sticking to one particular network tariff plans is something we subscribers normally do. 
We tend to be using that particular tariff plan until we get introduced to another one that is similar to the one we are currently enjoying.

Despite the way data usage wants to push away making calls, the importance of making both local and international calls cannot be suppressed. Learn how to start your own recharge card business in Nigeria.

Airtel Nigeria which is regarded as the Smart Phone network has a lot of tariff plans that one could use and enjoy its benefits. However, on this piece today, we are going to talk about Airtel Call plans, their various charges and benefits on each of them. 

Here are the list of Packages on the network and their benefits as well as the benefits:

People especially make use of tariff plan whenever their data bundle plan has expired.

And also, localized mothers and fathers also makes use of cheap tariff plan and again, it is not everywhere that Technology has step it foot into.

So today, we will be listing out Airtel Packages, portable and cheap tariff plans in Nigeria. And the telecom is Airtel Nigeria. Below are the best Airtel tariff Packages:

Summary of 2019 Airtel Packages and Migration Codes
Smart PREMIER*318#
Smart TRYBE*312#
Smart TALK*315#
Smart CONNECTNew Airtel SIM
Smart VALUE*314#
Value Plan*243#

Below are the list of Airtel Tariff Plans.

Airtel Packages

1. smart CONNECT

The smart CONNECT tariff plan is Airtel’s default bonus plan for new prepaid customers which offers bonuses on every recharge.

To Activate

  • Just buy a new Airtel SIM Card
  • Register the SIM at any Airtel KYC registration point.
  • Insert the SIM in your phone
  • Recharge any amount to start enjoying smart CONNECT bonuses


  • 800% value of 100 Naira and above airtime recharge for the first 3 months after activation. The bonus accrues as follows:
    1. Main account: 100%.
    2. Voice bonus account: 250%.
    3. Data bonus account: 250%.
    4. Social bonus account: 100%.
    5. Family and friends bonus account: 100%.
  • You can Add, Remove and Check list of Family and Friends (F&F) number with *311*2*number#, *311*3*number# and *311*4# respectively.
  • Your Social bonus is valid for 7 days and usable only on Facebook, Twitter, BBM and Whatsapp.
  • Data bonus account will be charged when you surf the internet with your browser.
  • You also get 100% of your total recharge (N200 & above) in a month as data bonus on the last day of the month.
    • Therefore, a total recharge of N1,000 in a month gives N1,000 data bonus charged at 5 Naira per MB.

NOTE: Bonus is valid for 7 days; Main Account Credit DOES NOT EXPIRE


  • This product is available to all new prepaid Airtel Customers. Just buy and activate a new prepaid Airtel SIM.

How many minutes will I get with N100 airtime on Smart Connect call plan?

Calls to both local and international numbers will be charged on your main account and voice bonus account.

Any calls made to friends and family number which must be an Airtel number will be charged on the family and friends bonus account.

  • Family & Friends Call Rate: 40 Kobo/Second or 24 Naira/Minute.
  • Main Bonus Account Call Rate: 50 Kobo/Second or 30 Naira/Minute for both local and international calls.
  • Voice Bonus Account Call Rate: 60 Kobo/Second or 36 Naira/Minute for local calls and 50 Kobo/Sec for international calls.

So how many minutes will I get with N100 airtime?

100 Naira gives a whooping 800 Naira with bonus. For talktime we have:

  • Main account: N100 Naira.
  • Voice Account: N250 Naira.
  • Family and friends (F & F) account: 100 Naira.

And we know that Data and social bonus accounts are irrelevant for talktime calculation since they can only be used to browse.

So for Local Calls.

Main Account: 100 Naira @ 30 N/M gives 100/30 = 3.333 minutes talktime.

Voice bonus account: N250 @ 36 N/M gives 250/36 = 6.94 minutes talktime.

F & F account: N100 @ 24 N/M gives 100/24 = 4.17 minutes talktime.

Total = 3.33 + 6.94 + 4.17 = 14.44 minutes or 14 minutes 26 seconds talktime.

For International Calls.

Call rate is 50 K/s or 30 N/min on main and voice accounts.

With total airtime of 100 + 250 = 350 Naira charges @ 30N/min.

Talktime = 350/30 = 11.67 minutes or 11 minutes 40 seconds.

In Summary, for SMARTCONNECT:

Local Call with 100 Naira Airtime: 14.44 minutes or 14 minutes 26 seconds talktime.

International Call with N100 Airtime: 11.67 minutes or 11 minutes 40 seconds talktime.

2. Smart PREMIER

In this plan, you can make Calls at 11k/sec to all networks in Nigeria and to5 major International destinations after a 1st minute of the day charge of 40k/sec.

To migrate dial *318#.

How to Migrate To SMARTPREMIER

  • Just dial *318# or send  YES to 318.

How many minutes will I get with N100 airtime on SmartPremier call plan?

Let’s do the calculations:

  • First 60 secs: N0.40kobo X 60 seconds = N24.00 Naira (100 – 24 = N76.00 left)
  • N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k
  • So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N76/N6.6 + (60 secs) ≅ 11 minutes 52 seconds + the first one minute= 12 minutes 52 seconds.

More Benefits from Smart Premier: 

  • Recharge of N5000 and above within a month attracts up to 500 minutes of free incoming calls while roaming.
  • 150MB data bonus on every recharge.
  • There is no daily access fee like smart-talk.
  • All calls to all networks in Nigeria are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.
  • All calls to UK landlines, US, India, Canada, China are at 11k/sec after the 1st min of the day at 40k/sec.
  • Receive calls for free while roaming for up to 500 minutes/month
  • Generous data bonus on every recharge for up to 150mb.

3.  smartTALK 2.0

Airtel smartTALK 2.0 is an exciting prepaid plan that allows subscribers to:

  • Call all networks in Nigeria at 11kobo per second (from the very 1st second) for a daily access fee of N5 charged on your first call of the day.
  • Make international calls at 20kobo per second to USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline.
  • Only subscribers with minimum of N5 Main Account balance would be able to initiate 1st call of the day (on-net/off-net). This does not apply to subscribers with valid voice bundle like Talk More, Premier Connect, Weekend MAX EXTRA etc.

To Migrate

Simply dial *315# and start calling friends, family and everyone in Nigeria for 11k per second all day, all night!

How To Migrate To Airtel SMARTTALK

  • Just dial *315# or send YES to 315.

How many minutes will I get with N100 airtime on SmartTalk call plan?

Let’s do the calculations:

  • Daily Access Fee: N5.00 Naira (100 – 5 = N95.00 left)
  • N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k
  • So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N95/N6.6 ≅ 14 minutes 39 seconds
  • For International Calls on Airtel Smart Talk: Talktime of N100 recharge @ 12 N/min = 95/12 = 7.92 minutes or 7 minutes 55 seconds.
Airtel Packages

4. smartTRYBE

SmartTRYBE is the special plan from Airtel designed to keep you connected with everything that’s up with your Trybe! With the best rates on data and calls to all networks, night browsing for your favorite movies, series and music and special weekend deals, you never miss a thing.

Special Benefits

  • Calls at 11k/sec to all networks with no hidden charges or access fee.
  • 1GB for N500. Valid for 7 days
  • Night Browsing
    • N25 for 500MB. Valid between 12 and 5 am
    • N50 for 1GB

When near or on campus, you get;

  • Free access to whatsapp, facebook, twitter and bbm.
  • 60mb data bonus on 200 naira airtime recharge valid for a month.
  • Free 5 sms when you pay for 2.
  • 30% bonus on data plans worth 500 Naira and above.

To migrate to smartTRYBE dial *312#.

How To Migrate To SMARTTRYBE

  • Just dial *312# or send YES to 312.  For campus offer dial *312*1# or send CAMPUS to 312.

How many minutes will I get with N100 airtime on smartTRYBE call plan?

Let’s do the calculations:

  • First 50 secs: N0.20kobo X 50 seconds = N10.00 Naira (100 – 10 = N90.00 left)
  • N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k
  • So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N90/N6.6 + (50 secs) ≅ 14 minutes 14 seconds
Airtel Packages

5. SmartTRYBE Junior

SmartTRYBE Junior App is an educational solution which makes learning fun for children in primary and secondary schools with its 3D interactive multimedia based learning environment. Study materials are developed in compliance with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education adapted for pupils/ students in the West African sub-region, especially Nigeria. Airtel tariff plan

SmartTRYBE Junior also comes with additional features that always keeps Mum and Dad connected with the child affordably like:

  • Free calls & SMS to Mum & Dad from kid’s line
  • 10% bonus of airtime transferred to kid’s line when the parents recharge
  • 100% bonus on data purchases from 200MB and above to browse and much more!
  • To Opt in to SmartTRYBE Junior, simply dial *317# from an Airtel line.
  • NERDC approved courses presented in formats that make learning fun for kids

SmartTRYBE JR Terms and Conditions

  • Only two Airtel numbers can be added as parent by SmartTrybe Junior subscriber.
  • A smartTRYBE Junior subscriber cannot be a Parent line to another SmartTRYBE Junior subscriber
  • Maximum no of SmartTrybe jr. subscribers that can have the same Parent number is 4
  • Bonus on Parents’ recharges is applicable only when child registers parent line.
  • Bonus on parent recharges will be received by child line 24 hours from date of parents recharge.
  • Free calls to parents apply only when child purchases family bundle.
  • After reaching maximum number of Parent line registrations, each change of parent line costs N50/addition.
  • After reaching maximum number of FAF registrations, each change of parent line costs N20 per addition.| Airtel Tariff plan


  • Just dial *317# or send YES to 317

How many minutes will I get with N100 airtime on Airtel Smart TRYBE Junior call plan?

Let’s do the calculations (Parents, Family & Friends Calls rates):

  • First 60 secs: N0.40kobo X 60 seconds = N24.00 Naira (100 – 24 = N76.00 left)
  • N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k
  • So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N76/N6.6 + (60 secs) ≅ 12 minutes 12 seconds (Parents, Family & Friends Calls rates)

Let’s do the calculations (Airtel to all networks):

  • First 60 secs: N0.40kobo X 60 seconds = N24.00 Naira (100 – 24 = N76.00 left)
  • N0.20kobo X 60 seconds = N12k
  • So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N76/N12 + (60 secs) ≅ 6 minutes 9 seconds (Airtel to all networks)

6. smartVALUE

This is another awesome tariff plan from Airtel network with no daily access fee or hidden charges. Smart VALUE is a revolutionary package that offers 15k/sec flat rate to all networks from the very 1st second 24/7.

TO Migrate

dial *314#


  • Call all networks in Nigeria at 15kobo per second (from the very 1st second) no daily access fee.
  • Make international calls at 20kobo per second to USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline.

Let’s calculate talktime for 100 Naira airtime recharge.

Talktime for local calls @ 9 Naira per minute = 100/9 = 11.11 minutes or 11 minutes 7 seconds.

Talktime for International calls @ 12 Naira/min = 100/12 = 8.333 minutes or 8 minutes 20 seconds.

Read : Airtel Talk More | Airtel Bonus Code

7. Premier Connect

Premier Connect monthly plans are combination bundles i.e. voice, SMS and data that give you the best value and most convenience in the market today.

This plan offers attractive monthly plans that suit your lifestyle as successful professionals and upwardly mobile young executives. Each plan DOUBLES or TRIPLES your recharge for flexible use PLUS a complimentary allowance of either SMS or a DATA Bundle.

In addition, you receive calls for FREE while travelling abroad and also get 100% bonus (double) on every data bundle of 1GB and above you buy. All of these you stand to enjoy while you have a valid premier connect subscription running.

To subscribe:

Dial *254# and follow the menu


Smart PREMIER11k/sNone*318#
Smart TRYBE11k/s5 or 10MB on 1st recharge of the week*312#
Smart TALK 11k/sNone*315#
Smart TRYBE JUNIOR15k/s*317#
Smart CONNECT50k/s from main account, 60k/s from bonus account and 40k/s from FAF accountNew Airtel SIM
Smart VALUE15k/s*314#

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