151 iPhone Building Wallpapers

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Table of Contents

To download a building wallpaper or background image for your iPhone or Android in full HD, 2k, QHD, Quad-HD, WQHD or 1440p quality, click on it then download the popup image.

If you need your wallpaper added or removed from our curated collection, scroll to the bottom of this page to see our Copyright Disclaimer and fill the short form.

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60 Spring HD iPhone and Android Wallpapers

According to loads of folks, they say at spring, nature begins to wake up with rich flora and fauna. So we brought year round spring for you in the form of iPhone wallpapers and backgrounds.

Being the most suitable time of the year for tourist to explore the culture, you can bet your iPhone or Android spring background and wallpaper will be eye catching.

So, download to your heart’s content.

80 Purple Wallpapers HD For Phone

We have curated a beautiful collection of purple iPhone wallpapers and backgrounds in all shades from all over the web for your iPhone home screen and lock screen.

Purple is the color of mystery, wealth, extravagance, wisdom, magic, creativity, dignity, price and the list goes on.

And if you are feeling spiritual, purple have got you too because it means sacred, third eye, vitality, higher self…

These purple iPhone wallpapers and backgrounds are also free to download and use so knock yourself out.

127 Black Wallpapers For iPhone And Android

Black iPhone wallpapers and backgrounds are just as the name implies but don’t mistake them for dark wallpapers or black and white backgrounds (we have got both of these collections too for FREE).

In terms of exquisite and elegant looks, these black iPhone wallpapers and backgrounds hit the bullseye. Spot on!

We love them, we bet you would love them too.

So go ahead and download these free black iPhone wallpapers and backgrounds for your smartphone.


100 Autumn iPhone and Android HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Autumn called the “Indian Summer” is usually a time for celebration of Thanksgiving and Halloween but today, it’s a time of free wallpapers and backgrounds for your iPhone and Android phones like Samsung, Huawei.

We compiled a huge collection of iPhone and Android autumn wallpapers and backgrounds just for you – the best of the best we could find, and we looked everywhere.

Go ahead, get to downloading.

93 Sunset Wallpapers HD For Phones

The beauty of sunset cannot be dismissed so we compiled a collection of mesmerizing sunset iPhone wallpapers and backgrounds just for you.

Do you want to know how air molecules scatter away the shorter wavelengths of violet and blue light while the longer wavelengths of yellow, red and orange light produce colorful sunsets?

Doubt that. But you definitely want to see the beautiful collection of iPhone sunset wallpapers and backgrounds.

In literature, Sunset is usually associated with an urge to take action or move on to something.

So, take action today, after all, the Sunset wallpapers are free to use in your iPhone.

170 Rose Flower Wallpapers HD For iPhones And Android

Feeling the love bug? We have curated a beautiful collection of Rose iPhone wallpaper and background from around the web for you.

Rose is usually associated with love but it is much deeper than that with various colors having different meanings.

– Red roses we all know symbolizes love and romance.
– Yellow roses creates a warm feeling and symbolizes friendship.
– Orange roses symbolizes desire, passion, enthusiasm and generates energy
– Pink roses symbolizes gentleness, gratitude, admiration, grace, gladness, sweetness and joy.
– White roses is the rose of innocence, purity and charm.
– Green roses symbolizes life, constant rejuvenation and abundant growth
– Cream roses symbolizes thoughtfulness and charm.
– Lavender roses is all about telling someone you love them or love at first sight
– Salmon roses and Orange roses have the same meaning and almost identical colors
– Novelty roses are a mixture of the above roses
– Peach roses symbolizes a way to show your deepest gratitude to someone.

So go ahead and pick your rose iPhone color for your home screen and lock screen backgrounds and wallpapers.

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