Cheap iPhone 6s refurbished phones on Jumia

iPhone 6s featured
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Cheap iPhones on Jumia Nigeria and Kenya

Consider buying a cheap iPhone at 30% off the original price, in perfect working condition with claims of it not being a used phone but a refurbished phone. They say “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”, well in this case, that famous saying will be wrong. Jumia recently started selling refurbished phones to both Nigeria and Kenya consumers at a huge discount from the original price.


When buying a smartphone, the request are usually similar – It is either a new or used smartphone even though. Recession or not, we love to pamper ourselves with the best things we can afford. For discount shoppers out there who can’t afford to pay retail price and definitely don’t want used phones, even a huge “NO” to London used phones – refurbished phones are what you need. Not used, not UK used – refurbished phones!

What are refurbished phones?

The big question on your mind as you are reading this is –  What is a refurbished phone? Look at it this way, you buy a smartphone from an online retailer or smartphone carrier. They give you a return policy of 7 days or 30 days, no questions asked. For some reason, the smartphone you bought is faulty or maybe you simply changed your mind, you then return it within that time frame. The online retailer, smartphone carrier will repair it if faulty and by law is forbidden from reselling that smartphone as new even though it was barely touched and has been rigorously tested. That smartphone is branded and sold as a refurbished phone.

Difference between refurbished and used phone?

Huge difference between a used and refurbished phone as discussed by uSwitch. A used phone was likely sold or swapped by a customer while the retailer sells it as it is, no repairs, no rigorous test and more importantly, no warranties. A refurbished smartphone is the exact opposite of a used phone, once the retailers are done fixing it up, it will function genuinely like it is brand new and at a cheaper price than a new one – sweet deal!

This is Nigeria, always make sure you source refurbished phones from a reputable retailer.

Now if you are on a budget for a smartphone, preferably a cheap iPhone, you can visit Jumia refurbished phones in Nigeria or Jumia refurbished phones in Kenya depending on your region. Once at the refurbished iPhones page on Jumia, you will see a range of cheap iPhones at discounted prices. As an avid online shopper, this is a win-win situation for shoppers in Nigeria and Kenya, rather than buy a used or new smartphone, you can get a certified refurbished smartphone at a huge discount from the “new” price and in perfect condition compared to the “used” smartphone.


Refurbished phones also called open boxed phones i.e they are purchased, opened and returned without being used by the customer due to whatever reason;

  • Incorrect product color or color shade.
  • Package was torn, consumer fears starts immediately.
  • Product no longer needed
  • Mistake purchase
  • Purchased as a gift
  • …. and many more other reasons.

Cheap iPhones

Jumia’s refurbished, pre-owned or open-boxed smartphones also come with 6 months swap warranty, so you as a customer can breathe easy knowing the cheap iPhone you just bought is not only defect free but can be returned and swapped for another one if something goes horribly wrong within the first 6 months.

Look at Jumia’s refurbished iPhone prices here. – Jumia Nigeria / Jumia Kenya

Phones are expensive, but they don’t have to be super expensive. Even though we would like to have a high end smartphone, we do not want to shred our wallets to simply get one. If you love discounts as much as the next online shopper, your best bet right now is refurbished phones.



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