How to Check Etisalat or 9mobile Account Balance Code

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Etisalat has now been changed to 9mobile but this account, airtime or credit code should work on your 9mobile line without any issues.

You will agree with me that today there are lots of shortcodes all these network providers use. Sometimes it’s really hard to remember some of this code, and one of the codes we forget easily is how to check account balance.

If you are someone like me that uses multiple lines you will easily understand the struggle of remembering these code.

Recently I was talking to a friend, and I asked him, “please how do I check my account balance on Etisalat?”. He told but then he had to ask if I really didn’t know or just wanted to find out if he knows.

But honestly, I really forgot what the code was. And this happens to a lot of people, and you wouldn’t blame them. We have a lot of things we are thinking of, and basic things like this may just be forgotten.

You might be here not because you actually forgot the code, but you are new to Etisalat and you want to know the code to check your account balance. Good news is that you came to the right place. By the end of this article, you should be able to check your Etisalat account balance.

It is important I state here that there is more than a single way to check your account balance on Etisalat. The easiest and fastest way is what this article will be focused on.

You may ask, what is that easiest and fastest way, the answer will be using USSD shortcode.

What is USSD Short Codes?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. USSD is a Global System for GSM cellular communication technology that is used to communicate with mobile network providers. Such communication services can be seen as sending text between a mobile phone and an application program in the network provider.

USSD is commonly used by prepaid mobile phones customers to request the available balance on their account. The mobile network provider “check balance” application hides the details of the USSD protocol from the user. On some networks, such as Etisalat, MTN, GLO, and Airtel, once you perform an action to check your account balance, you will see a USSD message that will display your account balance for you. USSD can also be used to recharge or top-up your account balance on your SIM.

USSD is sometimes used together with SMS. The user sends a request to the network providers using USSD code, and the network providers reply to them with an acknowledgement of receipt such as “Thank you, your message is being processed. A message will be sent to your phone.”

A good example of this is when you request to check your data balance. After dialing the USSD code to check your data balance, a message is displayed on your phone. This message may display your current data balance or inform you that a text message will be sent containing your account balance.

Thankfully, with USSD you will receive a reply in real-time (almost instant).

How to check your Etisalat account balance using USSD code?

It is quite easy and straight forward.

To check your account balance on Etisalat using USSD code, simply dial *232# from your Etisalat line and Send or press OK.

Usually, you will see your account balance displayed on your screen within seconds, and you will also get an SMS with full details of your account balance.

Recall, I said earlier that the USSD code isn’t the only way you can check your account balance on Etisalat. To find out the other way to check your account balance on Etisalat, continue reading.

Other method to check your Etisalat account balance

This other method of checking your Etisalat account balance is through Etisalat app.

You can check your account balance using the Etisalat app. First, you have to download the app from the appropriate store and install it. This store could be the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Next, you have to register it using your phone number and other required information.

You can log in to the app using your Gmail account or your Facebook account. Once you are login to your profile, you can easily where to check your account balance. The advantage of this method is that you have direct access to other services.

So here you have it, two different ways to check your account balance on Etisalat. These methods are quick and easy. In case you forget the USSD code, with the Etisalat app already installed on your phone it’s very easy. Remember to install the Etisalat App immediately after reading this article.

If you know of any other method to check your account balance on Etisalat, I’m open to learning new things. Please drop a comment and I’ll make sure I update this article.

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