How Does Recharge And Get Paid REALLY Work

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The way Recharge and Get Paid works is just as simple as ABC. One you register as member, you get 20% of your registration package.

Whenever you recharge your phone with AIRTIME in Recharge and Get Paid, you are given back 2% of your airtime worth. Whenever you buy DATA in Recharge and Get Paid, you are given back 10% of your DATA worth. 

Whenever you Subscribe CABLE TV, you are given back N40 of your subscription worth. Whenever you introduce your friends and families to Recharge and Get Paid business, you are given 20% of their registration package (this is optional).

The higher the membership level will mean the more money you can earn in the compensation plan, you can always upgrade this plans at any time.

Breakdown on how Recharge And Get Paid really works

Below is the breakdown of the 7 levels that you can join on the Recharge and Get Paid:

  • Basic Level
  • Bronze Level
  • Silver Level
  • Gold Level
  • Diamond Level
  • Platinum Level
  • Executive Level

Recharge and Get Paid commission structure defers for different services.

You as the recharge and get paid member, get paid the below percentages or Naira among for each service you purchase either for yourself or anyone else.

  • 2% of the recharge card or airtime value
  • 10% of any data amount.
  • N40 commission on cable subscriptions
  • Click here to register – Recharge And Get Paid Registration Portal.
  • Your referral code is – sonaija.
  • For purchase pin – use any 7 digit number.
    • Your purchase pin is a 7 digit number like an extra password.
  • Click here to login again – Recharge And Get Paid login..
  • Select your membership package
    • Basic package – N5,000
    • Bronze Package – N10,000 – most popular
    • Silver Package – N20,000
    • Gold Package – N40,000
    • Platinum package – N50,000
    • Executive Platinum Package – N100,000
  • Select Paystack and complete your payment or Whatsapp me 07041354779

What Are Recharge And Get Paid Compensation Plan, Bonus And Commissions?

First off, no matter your starting registration or membership package, you can always upgrade as you make more money on Recharge And Get Paid.

There are 3 main compensations plans to look out for on RAGP;

Sales Commission

  • Airtime – 2%
  • Data – 10%
  • DSTV subscription – N40
  • GoTV subscription – N40
  • Startimes subscription – N40
  • PHCN or NEPA Prepaid bills – N40
  • PHCN or NEPA Postpaid bills – N40

You also earn commission for any airtime, data and subscription from your downlines and their own diwonlines up tp your package level.

  • Airtime – 0.35%
  • Data – 1%
  • DSTV subscription – N10
  • GoTV subscription – N10
  • Startimes subscription – N10
  • PHCN or NEPA Prepaid bills – N10
  • PHCN or NEPA Postpaid bills – N10

It is a never ending tree of daily commissions, as they sell or use personally, you make money.

Referral sales commission

The referral commissions on the table below are calculated with the following assumptions

  • You referred 5 people and each of those 5 people referred 3 or 2 people and so on…. down your referral tree
  • Each person goes for the least registration package of N5,000
  • Each person sells all the serivces monthly worth JUST N10,000 – considering airtime, data, DSTV and GoTV subscriptions and PHCN/NEPA sales.

Note: I made these numbers very low for those of you new to network marketing and referral programs. But the pros are laughing at these figures because some marketers can easily refer 50 people in one week.

PackageNumber of DownlinesSales Commissions from Airtime

If you simply decide to build a team of VTU agents, you can make sales of N900,000 monthly from just product sales (if each person sells JUST N10,000 in a WHOLE MONTH).

DSTV and PHCN alone can easily make up for that N10,000 monthly.

PackageNumber of DownlinesReferral Commissions

From the calculations you can easily see how some people have N90 million in their dashboard.

The 3rd plan to look out for is Recharge and Get Paid PV which I can’t talk about here again.

Successful people always take advantage of opportunities. Recharge and get paid gives average Nigerians like you and I to share in the telecommunication wealth.

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