How to Change Playlist Pictures Directly From Your iPhone

how to chage iphone playlist pictures
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Are you finding it difficult to edit your iPhone playlist cover image? If yes, today is your lucky day as this article will reveal simple techniques for changing or creating album cover arts on your iPhone.

You mustn’t be a tech genius to achieve this, all that is required of you is time, patience, attention and determination as I explain niffy tricks that will help you accomplish the goal.

A playlist is basically a list of songs that can be played in sequential or shuffled arrangement. 

Whenever you create a playlist in the Music app of your iOS device, automatically the music app will generate a cover picture i.e  the cover art of the folder for the first four songs you selected in your music app will automatically pop in as your playlist cover.

Changing a playlist cover image has always been a big challenge for iPhone users but as I said earlier, the aim of this article Is to teach you the new tricks I learnt from phone technology experts, with these tricks you can change playlist pictures directly from your iPhone.

Use the following steps below to change playlist pictures directly from your iPhone:

Step 1: Pick up your iPhone and launch your Music app from the home screen

Step 2: Go to the playlist you wish to alter.

Step 3: On the top right of the playlist screen tap the “Edit button”.

Step 4: Tap on the current cover image.

Step 5: Choose between Take Photo or Choose Photo.

Step 6: Select the image you want and when it displays on your playlist, tap Done on the top right.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a music and podcast streaming service and online music locker operated by Google (Wikipedia). The service was announced on May 10, 2011, and officially launched on November 16, 2011. It competes with similar services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

Google Play Music prides itself on having over 35 million songs and allows those registered on its service to listen and upload 40 to 50,000 songs free of charge from their libraries.

Besides letting users purchase additional songs for their library through the music store section of Google, it also has an apps that allows music to be stored and listened to offline.

The Google play music app comes with a simple interface that enables you to search, play the songs you like, create playlist and more. But like every other imperfect app, it has a snag as the Google Play Music mobile app currently does not permit users to add or edit album art to music files.

However, you have to use the web platform to put in art by hand or manually for those albums which Google did not include. In other words, all users must save album picture from web to phones or computers, then log into their Google Music account, navigate to library and Finally, upload the picture to the selected songs or albums.

Note: Its mandatory for phone users to utilize the “Refresh” feature in the app to pull the newest adjustment to their device.

Use the following steps to add art on the Google Play Web Platform:

Step 1: Search the internet or use Google image search to obtain high quality images. Rename the file to make it easier to find after download.

Step 2: Log in to access your Google account.

Step 3: Check the upper left corner of your screen and click “≡” to open the menu.

Step 4: After step 3, tap “My Library” to locate all the songs you bought and uploaded.

Step 5: On the album or song you wish to add art, you will find 3 vertically lined dots click it to open the options menu for the selected song or album.

Step 6: Choose “Edit Info” to open a popup window containing information details of the album or song you chose.

Step 7: Hover over and around the album art space to see a “Change” button, click it and this will automatically open a window to browse for the album art you saved earlier.

Step 8: Choose an album art and tap “Open”. After that, the you can view album art in the album art thumbnail.

Step 9: Tap Save and the album art will upload and display for the song or album you chose.

And now its time to refresh the Google play music App to show Added Art. You can do so using the following steps below:

Step 1: Open the Google play music app If you have it in your phone and you’ve signed in already.

Step 2: check the top left area of the app and Tap “≡” to open the menu.

Step 3: To view a list of account and app setting under menu Tap “Settings”.

Step 4: Under the account header, you will see an option, asking you to Tap “Refresh”. After that a “Refreshing…” notification will be displayed on your screen until  the refresh is complete.

Step 5: to find out if your library has been updated, tap “My Library” from the “≡”  button which is a symbol for menu and you will be able to see any modification made on the web platform  on your phone.



Spotify is an online music streaming service specially developed to enhance music experience. Spotify is a Swedish media-services provider founded in 2006 with the aim of changing the way we listen to music and am sure many of us will agree that the company has done well in this regard.

After Spotify, a long list of copycats together with Apple Music and Google Play Music seeped into the scene. Now music rent and streaming is considered a customary practice, all thanks to Spotify.

With the Spotify app, users are able to purchase a variety of songs from record labels directly to their laptops, smartphones or other devices. It doesn’t just come with a simple interface, Spotify also hides lots of remarkable features worth checking out.

Although it may satisfy your music needs, but still there is a good chance you might not be using it to its full potential. For instance, It comes with an album art for your playlist but changing a playlist picture on Spotify has and still is a major challenge for users but it can still be done.

Use the following steps below to change playlist pictures directly from your iphone using Spotify app

Step 1: Open the spotify app and move to the playlist you wish to add a cover image to.

Step 2: Check the upper right corner and tap edit.

Step 3; There will be a camera icon at the center of the current album cover image,. Tap it.

Step 4: You will be asked to either ‘Take a Photo or Choose Photo’. Then either take a photo or choose one from your Photos app.

Step 5: Tap Done. The photo you selected will be the new cover image for your playlist.

So, it must have been interesting finding out about these methods for changing playlist pictures directly from your iPhone. If you’ve read this far in the article and found it useful, comment on it below or share it with your friends on social media.

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