How To Check GLO Data Balance in 3 SECONDS

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You are here which means just like some of us, you either don’t know how to check your Glo data balance or have completely forgotten how.

Worry not because we have got you covered from the USSD codes to checking your Glo data balance via SMS.

There are different ways of checking data balance on Glo. You can check data balance on your android phones and other device either through SMS, online or via USSD. This article will give authentic information on how to check your data balance on Glo. 

When it comes to checking your data balance, the Glo USSD method is more reliable than the internet method.

If you are stuck on other networks, you can look at how to check data balance on MTN, along with checking data balance in Airtel and lastly 9mobile data balance

You can use the Glo USSD to check your data balance without using your data. This code works 24 hours a day,and 7 days a week.

Checking your Glo data balance online requires that you use some of your data. The online method for checking data balance is best for ipad or some kind of tablet device at the least in terms of screen size.

The SMS method of checking Glo data balance is similar to the USSD method. However, you might experience a delay in receiving the SMS showing your data balance.

Before we go on, learn the tricks of recharge card business in Nigeria.

Methods of Checking Glo Data Balance

Globacom images - Check glo data balance via sms

How to Check Glo data balance via SMS

  • Checking Glo data balance can be done via SMS, all you need do is send ‘INFO’ to 127.
  • After doing this, a text message will be sent to you.
  • This message contains all the information you need to know about your current Glo internet subscription.
  • There you will get information on remaining megabyte and expiry date.
Globacom images - Check Glo data balance via ussd code

How to Check Glo data balance via USSD Code

  • You can also check your Glo data balance via USSD, this requires you to dial *127*0#.
  • After completing the task, a message will pop-up showing you your Glo data balance.
  • Another method is by dialing *777#, an option will appear, select your current subscription plan, then choose manage data.
  • After doing this select data balance and wait for a reply message from the network.

How to Check Glo data balance via internet

  • You can also check your Glo data balance online on hsi. You can also use this method to check data balance on your ipad device.

The above information is for checking Glo data balance for paid internet subscription. The code can not be use for verification of bonus data on Glo tariff plan.  

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  1. I have tried to check my account balance with the code *124# and *777# but they are not going through. What can I use to check my account balance

  2. I have been trying to reach my account balance with the code *124# and *127*0# and *777#
    But they are not going through, please what can I use to check date balance, this my card number 07051617849 , please can you help checking at for me. Thanks

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