How To Delete And Clear Your Browsing History On Android

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Just like the web browser of an ordinary PC, your Android phone’s browser will definitely keep a record or an inventory of all the web pages that you visit. Of course this can easily make navigating back to these previously visited websites easier, but it can also slow down the performance of your phone.

Aside from that in very sensitive scenarios, like online payments and password management, some websites that you use your credit card in purchasing items may still have your financial and private details still on them.

If you really don’t want people to see your browser history or rather you are thinking of disposing your Android phone by selling it and you want to get rid of your browser history.

So how do you go about it without partially deleting it but rather performing a complete obliteration of the history on your phone?

After an in depth research to see how this is completely done, I came up a couple of discoveries. In order to effectively clear your browser history totally from your phone, follow the instructional steps below.

Tap settings

How to clear your original phone browser

To start with this particular operation, you will have to open up the internet browser of your phone. If your device is running on the Android version 4.0 or one of the versions released earlier, to get to your browser select “internet”. To clear up the history of the browser, you will need to get to the app’s settings.

How to clear the browsing history in Google Chrome.

 clear the browsing history in Google Chrome

To start the operation, you will have to open up the chrome browser and just like the original browser that came with the purchase of your phone, the browsing history for google chrome will have to be deleted from inside the browser.

How to clear the browsing history in Mozilla Firefox

You can start this operation by opening up the browser for Firefox, just like most other browsers, the history for the Firefox browser can be deleted from within the browser.

  • Select the button for the Menu (this can be found in the upper-right position of the browser of your phone and it also looks just like three boxes put together straight down)
  • Select the “Settings” this will make you navigate to a new screen where you can now access the settings for your Firefox.
  • Select “Privacy”, which will take you to a new screen which has your privacy management options.
  • Subsequently select “Clear private data”. This will open up a list item of all the things that you can delete. Make sure that you tick/select the “Browsing and download history”.

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