3 Steps To Your First N200,000 From Facebook in 45 Days or Less

Make money with facebook ads
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No matter the amount of social media, a lot of us will still keep making money with Facebook ads not just because we have perfect the strategy to a T but also because it is still the largest platform with over 1 billion daily visitors.

To many, people have shifted from Facebook to other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Meanwhile, to some, Facebook is only useful for running targeted ads.

Well, I am about to shock you. Facebook is a money spinning machine where you can make six figures from. Facebook is also a place where you can build an advertising brand at little or no cost.

There are loads of people making money with Facebook ads in Nigeria.

I know of a couple of them myself.

A friend of mine is a mini importer who imports herbal products from China, she cashes out weekly. I don’t even have to elaborate on the potential of mini importation because the whole Nigeria is doing that now but the real question i asked her was “how are you making so much sales”

Her answer: Super targeting with Facebook ads.

Another friend of mine a guy, we were both doing the same side hustle a while back but while I was making roughly 60k a month and being very proud of my efforts, i was shocked to see he was making roughly 500k monthly.

So i had to ask how he did it.

His answer: Facebook ads done right.

Something along the lines of that sentence but you get the point.

Even after cost of Facebooks ads, these friends still made far more profit and it was a serious eye opener for me.

If you asked a lot of your friends in business (even the referral side hustles we see flying around), they will say the same too.

Also, would you believe it if we told you that you could earn N200,000 from Facebook in a month?

This is so possible with the “SkyRocket With Facebook Training course” high income skill that can bring N200,000 beeping as alert on your phone.

What will you learn and get with SkyRocket With Facebook Training Program?

  • Knowledge on how to turn the time you’re spending on Facebook into ₦200,000 or more every month.
  • Client attraction guide: This will teach you how to sell yourself, build your brand reputation and make money.
  • How to turn Word-Documents and WhatsApp into cash earning platforms for clients on Facebook.
  • Unlimited access to the author’s support group for Facebook Experts.
  • A Dollar Ad Account Playbook which you can use to create dollar cards for clients.
  • Free guide on how to setup a profitable information marketing business in 2020.
  • Special video on how to make highly valueable Facebook posts for yourself and clients.
  • 50 Facebook Ad Samples and Landing Pages that brings in millions of Naira.

These days top businesses are using Facebook to grow their business because Facebook has a targeted ad structure. So, customers are likely to make purchases from a business that has attention grabbing Facebook posts.

For example, there are businesses that recognize this and are willing to pay you up to N100,000 monthly to manage their ad account and Facebook page. This gets to N2.4 million Naira per year if you take on only two clients per month.

What would you be doing? Posting regularly, interacting with the company’s fans or customers. This is to generate interest in the company’s or Brand’s product and services.

Facebook experts are few in Nigeria so there is no shortage of demand for people good at using Facebook to maximize companies’ sales. So with SkyRocket With Facebook Training Program, you’ll be enjoying a large base of clients.

SkyRocket With Facebook has 4 modules and it also comes with mini courses as bonuses.

  • Module 1: This will teach you the entirety of Facebook marketing. At the end of this, you should be able to help your clients make big cash through Facebook.
  • Module 2 : This involves learning the master strategy behind Facebook Ads and how to craft Facebook Ads that converts to sales.
  • Module 3: Top secrets behind the writing of simple Facebook Ads that convert!
  • Module 4: How to write a landing page to bring in cash.
  • Bonus 1: A Client Attraction Guide on how to attract all the clients you need.
  • Bonus 2: tutorial on how to run effective sponsored posts for clients.
  • Bonus 3: The Marketing Blueprint strategy that can help you make I used to N1,550,000 in 10-days from a single Facebook post.
  • Bonus 4: A Dollar Ad Account Playbook which you can use to create dollar
    cards for clients.
  • Bonus 5: 50 Plug & Play High-Converting Facebook Ads you can use for clients.
  • BONUS 6: How to turn WhatsApp and Word-Documents into an ATM Machine for your Facebook Clients.
  • Bonus 7: FREE access to the Private 2-in-1 High-Income Skill Program For 12 months.

Exclusive Access to the course author’s Facebook Group on Telegram where your questions can be answered directly by the author.

This course also comes with an unconditional one year money back guarantee. Expertnaire also backs up this course with a 30 days money back guarantee.

So, start earning and change your life with the SkyRocket With Facebook course for just N25,000. This is the first step of financial freedom and you deserve every bit of it.

Michael MiPaddy
Hi, I am Michael MiPaddy one of the enigma in MiPaddy.com with experience in forex and cryptocurrency trading, freelancing, entrepreneurship among others but now I am just a passionate writer pouring my heart out on MiPaddy Magazine. Check the about page to know more about me.

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