36 iOS 12 Features: TOP PICKS ONLY

cool ios 12 features
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iOS 12 is the twelfth version of Apple’s iOS. It is a powerful and advanced mobile operating system. The company released this new generation OS in September 2018, which comes with a redesigned user interface and various changes to the operating system’s functionality. When it comes to talking about the design of this new iOS, it fantastic.

The best thing about this new OS is that it comes with various new features, high performance and wonderful functionalities that allow users to get a wonderful experience. However, the company claims that there are more than 200 new features in its new OS that will surely enhance user experience.

It will perform as per your requirements as iOS 12 is the most powerful mobile operating system that has a complete range of features.

If you are still unaware of the new features of iOS 12, you can find a complete list of features that are mentioned below:

Audiobooks Store

Apple decided to rename iBooks and it has a whole new design now. The new Audiobooks feature store helps you to find immersive stories, entertaining and informative nonfiction books narrated by your favorite authors, actors, and celebrities you choose to add up to the store.

Also with the new book store, you can easily find your next desired book to read with new and popular selections from the whole new redesigned book store. In addition, you can add books to want to Read collection, of the book store and you can always visit it later.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

With an increased demand for security and privacy of iPhone users, Apple has upgraded its Tracking Prevention measures, iOS now blocks the hare buttons and also comment widgets from tracking you without given your consent.

Furthermore, Safari has been enhanced to also prevents advertisers from collecting your device’s unique details which be used to remarket you. In the aspect of Ad Re-targeting, Apple has also continued to restrict ad networks form targeting its users.

Password Management

Another security feature that came with iOS 12 is the ability to manage your password better and give you a suggested stronger and unique hard to crack passwords for your registration 9n any site or account. In addition, reused passwords are flagged in settings.

Password sharing

This new feature allows you to leverage on AirDrop for you to easily share passwords with nearby iOS devices, this is designed to works from iOS to Mac and iOS to Apple TV. The developers are not left out in the iOS 12, Autofill Passwords API allows the developer to sync access to the iOS autofill functionality without using the third party extension.

OTP Autofill and Siri password

As seen in android OS Apple has now implemented the OTP auto-fill, this is an easy way for users using Two Factor Authentication. iOS will now automatically fill in one-time passcodes received over SMS, thereby cutting out the stress of copying and pasting received 6 digits OTP. Siri now supports quick navigation to password section on any authenticated iOS devices.

Augmented Reality Compatibility

Augmented reality

With new ARKit in iOS 12, it comes with better face tracking, optimized 3D touch, scene reflection, and other advanced features. Multiple iOS devices user can share a single AR experience and even play AR games together.

With the new file format for AR which is USDZ, IOS 12 users can now easily create and share 3D objects in AR and view it on the browser or even in the email app.

AR Quick Look

Viewing AR objects with built-in apps like News, Safari, and Files has now become very easy and convenient, you can decide to share your AR files amongst friends. image tracking and object detection allow the developers to be able to recognize real-world objects and track image whenever they move through space.

Developers can now save and reload AR experiences right from where it was left off.

Measurement AR App

The New Measure AR App allows you to measure any flat rectangular object with the use of your camera in the live view mode, another cool thing about this measurement app is that when the camera is pointed to the object is extract the edges and detect the edges automatically and will count the distance from each edges and summing up the objects measurements.

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Group FaceTime

The fun of group chat and discussions has been brought down to face time with a huge update. FaceTime has a new design and it now allows up to 32 people in one face time session, isn’t that cool, People showing up in floating tiles lets you know when they speak.

Apple Maps

Apple map

In every IOS update, the place of apple maps can never be ruled out, Apple found a way rebuilt Maps app which is powered by its new Maps engine, which will display foliage, pools, buildings, pedestrian pathways, and other map elements more accurately and finally ease navigation.

Enhanced Siri Features

You can decide to set up a custom chain of commands which they can trigger quickly using Siri through the shortcut, more so Siri is enhanced to function throughout the entire OS which will make Siri suggest you shortcuts for things you need to do at the right time while using your iPhone.

Apple has created a Shortcuts app and it’s tied with Siri, this allows you to add up shortcuts of your regular workflow. Siri now works with over 40 language pairs for easy translation.

Text to Speech

With Siri’s text to speech, Siri voice now works when you’re using the Speak feature, simple phrase are now responsive on Siri, such as where is my phone”, “where is my watch”, “turn on flashlight” this is the new features of Siri in iOS 12.

Enhanced Do Not Disturb

36 iOS 12 Features: TOP PICKS ONLY 1

The moment its bedtime and you activated DND, your device will no longer light up the screen when you get a notification from any of the running apps, notifications will still be hidden till the morning when you tap the phone screen.

If you are in a meeting, you can choose to activate the DND mode as well.

Apple has also improved the 3D touch for the control center shortcut, you can even decide to turn it on for just an hour if you wish it’s all depend on your preferences. You can, however, choose to turn off Not Disturb after a set time, location as the case may be.

Better Notifications

Apple users have always wished to have an excellent notification center, Apple has overhauled notification system.

In the iOS 12, notifications are now grouped not just by apps but by threads, conversations, and context, you can look into the grouped notification by tapping on each group.

Also, you can turn off notifications for an app, and remove it totally from the notification pane of your device.

Better Performance

Apple worked tirelessly to bring the iOS 12 to the older devices for better performance, it even went ahead to tweaking CPU performance bursts so older devices get the right CPU power at the right time.

iOS 12 now works on iPhone 5s upwards.

With this update on older devices that are supports iOS 12 apps launch 40% faster, the keyboard comes up 50% faster and the camera opens 70% faster, older devices users also now enjoy the better performance offered by the update.


Apple photo

New shared memories tabs in the photos section allow you to get effects suggestions from Siri.

Usually as seen in Google Photos, Apple users will also be able to share a group of photos with your friends easily. Each photo will now have Meta descriptions like where the picture was taken, time and other information and also it will identify people in the photo using the face recognition feature which comes with the iOS 12.

Photo Search Suggestions

Searching for previously snapped pictures in the photo will now have Intelligent search suggestions that will give you quick suggestions of the photo based on events, people, places, and dates the pictures were taken.

The search queries will be a pull off based on the selected suggestion. Of course with this new iOS 12, you can now import and manage RAW photos right on your iPhone and iPad, easy as it could be.

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Apple users never had it so good like this but this has given them more control and better performance. Albums tab dedicated to sorting images by media types., you don’t have to start tearing down your photo app for where a particular picture is, with the dedicated album tab you are covered.

Sharing Photos

Like the Google Photos, the iOS 12 now comes with the features that let iOS users go as far as uploading their pictures into the iCloud and sharing the link with friends and family, and they will also be able to download the pictures. In addition, you can also revoke the link to Stop Sharing the pictures with anyone who has the link.

New Camera Features

The Portrait Lighting has now gotten an upgrade in iOS 12, the upgrade feature allows the camera app to automatically detect a person and intelligently and elegantly.

The enhanced QR code option is now highlighted once they’re recognized by the camera app, as against the previous OS version. Third-party developers can now separate layers in a photo.

New Messages Features

Back to the messaging app, it’s now fortified with new Animoji, the tongue Emoji now works when you stick your tongue out no matter which emoji you’re using.

Wink detection now works without issues.

Animoji character now allows you to create your own exciting Emoji, the camera app also comes with new effects, you’ll be able to add a filter, any sticker, Animoji or Memoji to your message and also send fun photos and videos in iMessage.

Screen Time

This app is programmed to give you a detailed report of how you’re spending your time on your device this includes the app you use most, the number of times you pick and return phone calls, you can also get your weekly summary of your phone habits.

App Limits allows you to set time limits for any particular app, and when the time is up, it goes into downtime; you’ll get a notification when your time is almost up, while you can choose to ignore or allow the application to go into downtime.

Parental Controls with App Limits

parental control

The App Limits feature when it is integrated with Family Sharing option so a parental device can set app usage limits for a kid’s device thereby limiting access to the app by the kid, this is one of the cool features that came with IOS 12.

Apple Music got new features

Apple music now supports searching music by few lines of the lyrics of its song, let’s say you don’t know the song title or the artist, apple music is at your aid. With a few of the words, you find a song. Redesigned Artist Pages now have personalized sections with stations and categorization.

Apple News App

Apple has made it easier to navigate in the news feed now by just swiping down to jump to your favorite topic or channels on the news app. On the iPad, you can do all that from the new sidebar, and this makes it easy for you to jump from one page of news to another at will.

Friends Mix

This is my favorite part; you can have a full playlist without assembling them yourself, with the new friends mix you can add to your own playlist what your friends are listening too.

Now artists page gets a new Play button in the banner section, tapping on play button toggles on the artist music on your list.

Another exciting feature is the daily top 100 Songs by Country and by genre.

Stocks App

The new redesigned interface for the stock app makes it easy to get more information about the market at a glance, along with the prices of the stock in real time mode, there is now interactive charts plus Apple News integration, with a watch list of stock in the new design. Stocks App is now on the iPad.

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Voice Memos App

Voice Memos App was not left out in the redesigning process and it’s also available on the iPad now, with big headers, the new design also allows audio trimming.

Also you can now automatically clear deleted voice memos.

In addition you can now enable the option for automatic delete or schedule delete for days after. All you need to do is go to Settings, navigate to “Voice Memos” then click on “Clear Deleted” to automatically delete voice notes immediately or you can choose other options like 7 days or 30 days.



ICloud allows you to sync all your recordings and edits in sync across all devices and access to it any time any day anywhere.

Voice Memos section allows you to choose audio compression quality of your choice and even automatically delete memo which is up to 30 days old. Voice memo is now totally supported in the iPad for both landscape and portrait orientation.


When playing podcast you can swipe up and you’ll find a new section for Chapters, you can also go ahead and tap on Show button next to the title to reveal more details about the title.

The podcast app is now fortified with the feature that lets you customize the skip seconds between 10 and 60 seconds interval as much as you desire. The podcast also now supports forward and backward seek when using Bluetooth headphones or car Bluetooth support.

Automatic Updates

Another app designed by Apple is Automatic Updates this app when turned on, helps you with automatic updates as sing in the Microsoft playbook device.

There is the new critical alert that pops up in the notifications section even when you are on DND, opt-in notification was created for critical information, like reports for healthcare providers, which is mainly used for passing critical information.

QR Code Control and battery settings

A new short cut is now added to the control center which allows you to trigger the camera to scan a QR code. You can now view icon tabs in the Safari browser if you enable it, you’ll now see icons for web pages. The battery now has a new statistics chart in the batter settings option. The data now goes back as far as 10 days.

2 Faces in Face ID

face recognition

For easy recognition by your phone or iOS device, Apple came up with an alternative appearance option which gives you the power to register your alternative appearance.

For example, if you on sunglasses or on a hat and your device does not recognize you with the face ID, you can then add up another face ID mode. You can swipe up again to retry a Face ID authentication if it fails when you are trying to unlock your device.

Markup Feature for screenshots and image editing

This feature works for screenshots and image editing, You now have the access to color picker and pen tool, instead of the 6 color option in the markup, you now have access to arrays of colors you can choose from during editing.

Virtual Trackpad

Turn your keyboard to the trackpad on your IOS device, with the 3D Touch virtual trackpad feature for everyone all you just need do is to tap and hold the Space bar to activate the virtual trackpad.

New Thesaurus

You can now add up Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus to the Dictionary section in Look Up for easy word suggestions look up, you also get notified when movies and TV shows are available to watch in Up Next with the TV notifications app. Share Favorites allows you to Share your favorite movies, TV shows, easily across all devices on iOS 12.

Weather update

weather update

Air Quality Index figure is meant detecting location which can be seen when you scroll down to the ending section of the weather app. Though this feature is not available for all locations. In iOS 12 you will need to input your password to allow USB access when the phone has been inactive for an hour or more this is an evolution to USB restricted mode.

However, we are committed to constantly updating this list as soon as we discover new iOS 12 features. You can let us know if we have missed out any feature which is of importance.

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