iOS vs Android: A Perfect Head To Head Comparison

ios vs android
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If you are considering buying a new smartphone now, there is a high chance that it will either be an Android-powered phone or an iPhone. This is because both operating systems account for about 99.7 % of all smartphone. It is sometimes not an easy choice to make because both phones operating system has its own advantages.

In this article is a comparison between an Android Operating system and an iOS-powered phone. The good news here is that both smartphones are excellent, so it wouldn’t matter which one you decide to go with. We will give a close look at both smartphones from different categories to see where they are different and where they are similar.


Both iOS and Android devices use touch screen technology. This one of the most similar property with both smartphones. When both devices is switched on, it behaves like a computer because it boots to a home screen which is normal just like using a computer.

An Android device allows you to use widgets on your home screen while the iOS home screen only contains rows of app icons. However, the iOS user interface has a dock which allows you to pin your most frequently used applications. More also, both smartphones have a status bar at the top of the screen that shows information such as time, battery level, cell signal, etc.

In this category, it is difficult to pick a winner as they appear very similar in this category


iOS has more consistent hardware

The hardware of the iOS and Android device are very different. This has to be the category where they are very different. This is because only Apple produces phones with iOS, which implies you can be sure that the hardware is similar across all phones.

While Android devices can be produced by different mobile manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Infinix, etc., which means you will come across different hardware on an Android device.

However, the flagship phones of both iOS and Android usually have similar hardware quality. But you cannot say this for cheaper Android device. If we were only comparing iOS and Android flagship phones, I would have said it’s a tie. However, we are doing a general comparison which means I’d have to give this category to iOS because it has more consistent hardware generally.


ios is faster

If you have used both iOS and Android device in the past, you will agree with me that iOS and iPhones appear to be faster and more responsive than an Android device. However, with premium Android devices, you will also notice that the difference in performance speed isn’t very obvious anymore. There isn’t much in this category, but overall it appears iOS is faster compared to Android device.


Android is more affordable

iOS-powered phones have always been regarded to be on the high side when it comes to prices. Even when you compare the flagship phones of both iOS and Android, you can still see a gap in their prices as iOS phones still cost more than Android phones.

That aside, you can still get a good quality Android phone in the market at a relatively affordable price. This is partly because an Android device can be produced by different brands. Also, when you consider that Android has the highest number of free App, you have to agree that an Android device is generally more affordable.


Looking at the number of Apps available on both iOS and Android device, it is very obvious that Android devices have more apps available to them. However, numbers don’t mean everything here; so we will look closely.

Let’s consider the fact that most developers prefer to develop iOS applications before developing the Android version of such an app. This is because iOS has been more lucrative platforms for developers when compared to Android. In the US, developers still focus on iOS first, while in other parts of the world, developers focus on Android first.

Truthfully, most of the top apps are available on both platforms but iOS still has the best apps and games. Some of which you still wouldn’t find on Android. In this category, I will pick quality over quantity, which means iOS takes this category.

App Store

App store

With over 2 Million apps on the iOS App store and over 3 Million apps on the Android App store, it can be difficult to organize. But, stores have done pretty well organizing their Stores. The Play Store is easier to search for apps and offers you the option to queue up Apps to be installed from your PC. However, the Apple Store appears more organized and offers a better recommendation service.

Another aspect to consider is that the Apple Store is a bit strict with the apps allowed on the platform. This means you can be sure to get a better quality app on the Apple store than on the Play Store. Although both Store still has some questionable apps, you can be sure that Apple Store handles such apps better and can delete them faster. Unlike in the situation where a fake WhatsApp app was uploaded on Play Store and over 1 Million people downloaded it before it was deleted.

Because Apple Store offers better Security, I’ll give this category to iOS. However, always remember that Android has alternative app stores, and you can easily download the ‘APK’ file of any app and install on your Android. While iOS doesn’t support third-party app stores.


Google Maps cycling directions while Apple Maps doesn’t. Overall, the quality of Google Maps is second to none. It offers more details and has more points of interest. However, the accuracy of both is highly dependent on the location, as this can vary from place to place.

You can download Maps for offline use on both iOS and Android device. You can get an accurate estimate from both Maps. But I’d give this Android because when given the choice, more people will opt for Google Map over Apple Map.

Voice Assistance

Siri which is present on the iOS device is the first genuine smartphone assistant. Google Assistant appeared first in 2016 and is currently present in virtually all Android device. You can perform many of the same things on both Siri and Google Assistant. Siri handles basic task remarkably well like, reminders, calendar appointments, alarms, web queries, making calls, etc. However, Google Assistant offers more than just basic tasks. Google Assistant is closer to a true Artificial Intelligence System than Siri.

Google Assistance

Google Assistant has a more conversation side, and make better useful suggestions based on what you are doing. It is more intelligent than Siri which is more versatile. Google is also introducing Google Duplex, which is an extension of the Assistant. This Duplex will handle calls while responding intelligently and naturally.

Battery life and Power Usage

Android has better battery life

One of the most important thing to most smartphone user is the battery life. It is however very difficult to compare both devices in this category because of the difference in hardware. But if you put iOS and Android flagships phone to a test, you will notice that the Android device battery last longer than the iOS device.

Also, you should consider the fact that you can easily buy an Android phone that has a bigger battery capacity which can’t be said for iOS device. With both Android and iOS, you can see your battery usage at a glance for your Apps Settings. However, only Android shows you an estimate of the battery life you have left.

They both offer Power-saving modes that can reduce battery usage and make it last longer. Also considering the fact that most Android device comes with Dark Mode which can also extend your battery life, you will agree with me that Android has a better battery usage and battery life than iOS.


If we are going to judge by consistency, then iOS wins this category with ease. iOS are more consistent when it comes to software updates. Apple supports its device with new updates even after 4 years of the device release date. What this means is that most iOS users have the latest iOS version on their device. And what’s even more interesting is that they get the same update at the same time.

The story is very different with Android phone, with only Google’s Pixel phones and phones in the Android One program that are guaranteed early update. With other Android, the updates may take a long time before being available, and in most cases are not compatible with the device.


iOS devices, usually work on fixed memory without the option of expanding your storage. However, they make up for this by offering different storage space for the same mobile version. Which means you can easily buy the phone with the memory capacity that you want.

Most Android device, on the other hand, offers users the option to expand their storage using external microSD cards. It is still debatable is having expandable storage is a good idea or not. But one thing is certain having extra memory can always come in handy.

Android with extra storage

It is important I state clearly that most Android flagship phone will surpass iOS flagship phone in terms of internal memory, but still overs the option to expand your memory. This has to be a clear victory for Android.


Android Customability

This has to be the biggest strength of Android over iOS. Android phones can easily be customized by the user to exactly how he wants it. However, this cannot be said for an iOS device that is a bit rigid in this aspect.

With Android device, you can set third-party apps as your default app to a lot of functions, while for iOS you are forced to use the default iOS version. If you like playing with how your phone look and the apps you use, then Android is the best choice.

Calls and Messaging

Both iOS and Android devices come with default Messaging and Call Apps that works well. However, with Android devices, you can install other apps for this same purpose which can sometimes be a bit confusing. Also, many manufacturers of Android phones offer their own alternative to these apps, which means you can buy an Android phone and you will have multiple texting app.

iOS, on the other hand, comes with FaceTime and iMessage already installed, which makes it easy to connect with people. The downside is that iMessage works best when communicating with other iPhone users, while FaceTime is only available to iPhone users.

I would have given it to iOS for its simplicity and consistency, but because of its restriction, I’ll call this a draw.


This wouldn’t be so hard to call in the past, because the iOS device handles lighting and colors better, but the latest Android phones are really coming to the party. When comparing the cameras from flagship phones from iOS and Android, Android phones will perform better. For example, Google’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have one of the best cameras in a mobile device.

ios Camera

However, we are doing a general comparison, which means we still have to consider the smaller Android devices. And as we all know, most mid-range Android device has a poor camera quality. For consistency around all device, iOS takes this Category.

Security and Privacy

Considering the fact that updates are very important to make up for any security breach in the older version, you have to say iOS is far ahead of Android. This is because a lot of Android devices are still running on an older version which makes them more exposed to hacks.

iOS also encrypts data in iMessage and other apps to help secure user information. Apple gives a lot of importance to user privacy hence all your personal data are encrypted. Whereas, Android only encrypt some data, and gives lesser privacy protection. I remember Apple went to war with the FBI just to guarantee your right to encryption.

That’s how dedicated they are to user privacy. Without much argument, iOS is the most secure mobile platform and one of the best in user privacy.

ios with best security and privacy


Numerically, iOS was the best in 7 categories while Android was the best in 2 categories with 2 tie. However, iOS was regarded as the best in some very important category like Security, performance, and updates. For this reason, the overall winner is the iOS device.

But make no mistake, Android have some very sophisticated devices that will push the best iOS device to its limit. But whichever device you decide to go for, make sure to do your research particular with the Android device because of the software version.

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