31 iPhone Hacks that will save your battery

tricks to save iphone battery
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What’s a smartphone without a good lasting battery? What’s an iPhone without a lasting battery capacity? It would be frustrating. But what if I told you there are also ways which you could use to make your battery last longer for your iPhone?

Trust me, these are tricks (I prefer to call them hacks) you could use to enhance the longevity of your iphone battery, and thus its lifespan in the long run. Lets get a handful them.

1 Reduce Brightness

The screen brightness alone uses enough capacity of the battery when it is at its fullest. So, try not to use full brightness at all times. As you regulate the brightness, it reduces the stress on the battery. Head to the Control Center to do this.

2 Reduce Auto-Lock Time

If your Auto-lock time is longer, there is a tendency that your battery is wasting when not in use. Since the Auto-lock feature automatically turns off the screen and locks the phone when not in use, it is advisable to set it to a shorter time when it kicks in.

Head to the Settings->Display and Brightness-Auto Lock, then choose 30 seconds option.

3 Use Low Power Mode

When your battery hits 15% your phone prompts you to switch to a low power mode. Sometimes, you can switch to this mode to save energy of the battery. Since background processes and CPU are throttled, it reduces the chances of degrading your battery life.

4 Using Wifi When Possible

Did you know that your cellular data radio consumes more battery life than Wi-Fi? Now you know. So when you get any chance to use a WiFi, go for it. WiFi uses less battery energy.

5 Using iPhone in extreme temperature is bad

Extreme temperature (extreme cold and heat) is detrimental to the battery life. So, try not use your iOS devices in these conditions.

iphone Temperature

6 Use Auto Brightness

This feature works by making sure the brightness level of your phone corresponds to your environment. So, when you are indoors, it gets dimmer. But outdoor,  it gets brighter. This feature saves your battery life.

Head to Settings->General->Accessibility->Display Accomodation to enable this feature.

7 Check Battery’s Health Always

To be forewarned is to be prepared. Always check the health of your battery from the Settings->Battery- where Apple tells you about it. From here, you cannot be taken unawared.

8 Apps

There are apps that consumes more power than others. So, check among your app and see the ones that does so. Knowing this will help you know which app you should keep close so they don’t drain your battery.


9 Turn Off Wifi-Assist

WiFi uses less battery energy than the cellular data, granted. WiFi assist on the other hand automatically switches you back to cellular network when you have a weak WiFi signal. So, you might not know.

To turn it off, head to Settings->Cellular- scroll down and you will see WiFi assist; switch it off.

10 Turn phone Face down

Now this a trick. When you’re not using your iPhone, turn it facedown. When a notification comes in, it won’t light up. A pretty good way to save battery.

11 Allow Certain Apps To Use Cellular Data

Unless you use WiFi regularly. You can choose apps that would use your cellular data instead of all, so as to minimize your battery level. Head to settings, cellular, choose apps that would use it, and voila.

12 Turn on ‘Reduce Motion’

When you do this, you stop your iOS from animating, thus saving your battery life. Go to setting,  then General ->Accessibility, then scroll down to Reduce Motion.

13 Bad Or No Signal? Turn Airplane Mode on

When there’s bad signal or no signal, your devices continually searches for one, and this consumes battery. So, you can just switch to Airplane mode to keep battery power.

14 Fast Charge

When your battery charges faster and get loaded up in time,  It has the tendency to make it last long. So, turning on your device Airplane mode is a way to achieve this. Now you know.

Airplane Mode

15 Turn on GreyScale When Running On Low Power

You are on low power mode and yet your device might go off anytime soon. Turn on Greyscale to squeeze extra juice out of the battery. Go to Settings-Accessiblity, then turn Greyscale on.

16 Turn off Notification

Not really advisable. But when you are in desperado mode to save your battery, then turn off Notification. So, head to settings->Notitications, and then select apps you want to tur off notifications for.

17 Remove Phone Casing While Charging

Excess heat might be generated while using certain cases. That’s a high temperature which might affect battery capacity in the long run. So, if you notice it gets hot while charging with your phone casing, remove it.

18 Stop Email Push Automatically

You can stop emails from pushing automatically to your phone to harness your battery. Go to settings, Mail, Contacts and Calendars, Select Fetch New Data, then turn off Push.

19 Turn off Location Service

This trick helps, where you head to the location services in the settings. You can also deselect any app you don’t need to access your GPS.

20 Turn Off Automatic Updates

You don’t want your device to update itself automatically, thus draining your battery. So head to Settings>iTunes and App Store, and turn off auto-downloads. Also turn off suggested apps too.

21 Update Software

When you update your iOS device software version, you get a better performance for your iPhone, including the best battery life. So stay updated.

Update Spftware

22 Disable Background App Refresh

Background refresh keeps apps pre-loaded refreshed, so they get to be updated even when you are not using them. In simple terms, your apps keeps updating even when you are not using them. Head to Settings, in General and turn it off.

23 Storing Tips

You might want to travel for a while and leave your iOS device behind. Apple advices you tocharge your device to 50%. If it is fully charged, you may shorten the battery by the storage. if its too low, the battery might not be able to hold charges anymore.

24 Over Charging

This one is one you. Once your device is fully charged, remove it from further charging. Leaving it on the charger can lead to overloading of the battery with excess charges. It might damage it in the long run.

25 Don’t Leave Your iPhone in Your car

When you’re going for a long errand, it is advisable to take your iPhone along. why? The interior heat of the car can lead to high temp thereby overheating the battery.

26 Do Not Run A Beta Version of an Upgrade

A beta version of an upgrade is filled with bugs which gets squashed with time. Do not take the risk.

27 Turn Off Bluetooth and AirDrop

Just like WiFi constantly looking for available connections, so does your bluetooth and Airdrop behaves. Turn them off to save battery. For Airdrop, go to Settings> General>AirDrop>Receiving Off.

28 Turn Off Siri Suggestions

As a digital assistant, Siri monitors your activity to know what you do specifically at a time. If you read often in the afternoon, Siri would remind you. Unless you want it so, this happens with a lot of background activity which drain the battery in the long run. You might want to turn it off.

29 Manage Vibrations

The little motor inside your device requires energy to work. You might want to know that this mechanism actually eats up battery life. Go to settings to disable this. Settings>Sound and Haptics> Turn off Vibrate on Sound or on silent.

30 Kill Active Listening

Sometimes you don’t get to know that your iPhone supports hands-free Siri. That is you get to talk to your phone and Siri would reply. But if you aren’t using it, then Siri would be running on the background waiting for your command, thus draining your battery. Navigate to Settings-> Siri and Search> then disable the feature.

31 Tame iCloud

iCloud Photo features automatically send pictures you take to the cloud, so you can assess it from other devices and the web. Sweet feature. But it takes battery to do this. So if you want to risk it, you can turn It off via Settings> Photos>iCloud Photos.

There you have it. I hope these 31 tips and hacks helps you to maximize the usage of your iPhone battery.

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