Jumia Black Friday 2017 – what to expect

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Table of Contents

Jumia Black Friday

Jumia the retail online giant in Africa – Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt… with over 1,000,000 fan friendly products, is known to slash deals during the black Friday season which usually last for a couple of days and then prices of your favorite products are back to normal, that is if they are still in stock once Jumia black Friday period is over. Last year, November 2016, Jumia Nigeria hosted black Friday sales for roughly 20 days with daily flash deals on hot selling items like smartphones, home and kitchen items, bestselling fashion accessories which lasted for a couple of minutes and sold out within that short period of time. It’s all about fastest buyers first and eager Jumia shoppers even wait from 12 midnight when Jumia black Friday flash sales usually start to get those flash sales.

But this year, 2017, Jumia is pushing the envelope on online black Friday sales. Instead of roughly 20 days, Black Friday’s sales will last for 30 days or less depending on your region. For online shoppers with access to Jumia Kenya, black Friday sales will last from 13th November to 13th December. Online shoppers in Nigeria can bank on Jumia Nigeria will lasting from November 13th to December 13th, that is 30 whole days of slashed sales. While Jumia Ghana shoppers will wait a while till 24th of November – Full schedule and direct link to each Jumia Black Friday page below.

Jumia Deals to Expect

Jumia black Friday schedule and deals by country

30 days seem like much depending on your region but consider this, Black Friday globally lasting for a few days, generates more sales for most retailers than all the sales generated in the previous month. Why? For every product you buy, you “save” money for more products. If you are buying on a budget, that budget can stretch further buying more products than it usually would on Black Friday. Multiply that excitement of a few days to weeks of seeing your favorite products at a bargain. Infact, most online shoppers not just Africa but globally are known to spend way beyond their initial budget on this sales season and we should. Why would an online consumer brush off an air conditioning unit going at 40% off only to end up buying that product a few months down the line at full price? Not me.

How can you get the best Jumia black Friday deals?

Forget about a list of exact products you want to buy, except you are used to spending via a to-do list. A better approach is to make a broad list of product types – smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, luxury fashion shoes, deep freezers or refrigerators (with such a list, you will be hard pressed to have more than 20 products types)… once your list is complete of items you NEED, get Jumia Black Friday flash sales schedules ( Available Now for Jumia Nigeria and Jumia Kenya shoppers), that should be your first stop especially if your list contains hot selling items like iPhones 8, iPhone 8 plus or any product similar in different product categories. You NEED the schedule not just for budget reasons but also for out of stock items, the last thing you need is the Jumia hot selling product on your list sold at 30% off, sold out and you never even knew about it.

Once you have Jumia black Friday flash sales schedule covered, listing all your products flash sales’ dates and time, You can focus on the next step – searching. Searching will not take more than a few minutes, no matter how many items are on your list. Simply visit Jumia sub categories, start sorting – not just by cheapest but popular and most expensive. Would you rather have a 55-inch smart TV at 30% off or a cheap LED TV at just 10% off? Depending on your product, sort by expensive and most popular drilling down to specific product subcategories. It is never too early, most online shoppers start their black Friday shopping by 12am when sales commences, by morning a lot a deals will be off the table – sold out!

The excitement of Jumia black Friday is not region specific as long as Jumia operates in your country. The 1,000,000s of products going on sales around Africa on each Jumia platform is enough to satisfy most consumers buying needs for a while whether you are a regular shopper, an avid online shopping fan or simply someone who shops sparingly, this period is for us all.

Happy shopping people!

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