Konga Black Friday Yakata 2017 secrets

Konga black friday yakata
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Konga Black Friday Yakata

Nigeria is in for a real treat, Konga Nigeria is starting Konga Black Friday Yakata sales really early this year 2017, from November 6th to November 10th, which is 5 whole days of high intensity shopping. Konga starting so early on sales might take some unprepared online shoppers by surprise but judging from last year 2016, it really does not matter what date Konga Black Friday Yakata sales is on. There are online shoppers waiting by 12am to quickly snatch the best deals available on Konga.

Yakata meaning “something big falls in a big way” literally happened on Konga. Over 155,000 Nigerian shoppers went on Konga to buy items worth N3.5 billion last year 2016 on Konga Yakata Black Friday, up by over 400% from 2015 Konga yakata black Friday and 2015 Yakata was no slouch either. At that revenue, it is easy to see why consumers rush early to Konga starting from 12am (12 midnight) to buy the best available deals before the ecommerce website gets flooded with shoppers having credit cards on steroids.

“Patient Dog will not be eating the fattest bone on Konga Yakata Black Friday”

This year, who knows what will be achieved on Konga seeing how easy the early month period will play into most Nigerian consumers because unlike previous black Friday seasons in Nigeria, both Jumia and Konga, the leading online retail giants in Nigeria will not be competing for consumer sales.

According to Konga and judging from previous Yakata schedules, there will be flash sales lasting for a few minutes with certain products on special discounts. These flash sales are part of the reasons early consumers jump on Konga from 12 midnight – high ticket hot selling items go on sale at really reduced prices. Products like that run out of stock within minutes of the flash sales period leaving other late comers wishing.

But as a busy Nigerian, you probably can’t afford to stay up till 12 midnight, so there are other alternatives to clinch hot selling items at an absolute steal – Evening Extra Sales. You can’t keep up with flash sales “fastest fingers first”, then this Evening Extra Sales on Konga black Friday Yakata is for you. Hot selling products like Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Audio Systems, Televisions, Home Theatres, DVD Players, Cameras, Electronics Bundles, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Generators, Baby Essentials and a whole lot more are expected to have deeper discounts during these period.

3 Items most shoppers will have their eyes and minds on with wallets and purses split wide open this Yakata 2017 season iPhone 8, Playstation 4, HP Notebook Laptop and the Hisense 7Kg washing machine.

Hisense 7Kg Washing machine

Hisense 7KG Washing Machine


A washing machine is a washing machine, right? Wrong! Like every other consumer devices, there are grades in product quality. Hisense 7kg washing machine automatically measures and adjust the water temperature to suit the detergent used in washing, that is hi-tech for most washing machine novice consumers but there is more. 360 degree wash automatically sets the time of the wash by measuring the weight of the clothes. Other features include – smart wash technology, stop & reload, time delay, smart foam control, smart detergent dissolving… Like smartphones, once can easily call this the smart-washer.

Apple iPhone 8

This smartphone needs no introduction, we all know about it and there is a chance you have it on your list once you see a bargain for it even though you are currently not in the market for a new smartphone. You will not be alone on that thought because once Konga black Friday yakata starts, the iPhone 8 will be on a lot of consumers’ minds. Watch out for Flash sales periods and Evening deals, there is a slight feeling iPhone 8 will be available on those periods at deeper discounts increasing the chances of the smartphone running out of stock. So you have to be on your best attention, grab it at any opportunity.

Playstation 4

“This is a boy or male problem”. Not really, girls or females buy them too either for their better half as a gift. Even some females play it too. An impressive gaming experience deeply integrated with social capabilities, top quality graphics and innovative second-screen features centered on gaming is not for any particular gender, which will be selfish.

HP Notebook 14-bs001nia

Straight to the specs – 4GB RAM with up to 2.4GHz burst frequency, in basic English, it means it will take a miracle for the average laptop user using the HP Notebook 14-bs001nia to experience any lagging, slowness or “hanging” issues. 500GB storage gives you enough room on your laptop to store as much as you need in movies, software, photos and anything else consumes space on your laptop. The laptop has a 12 hours battery life, 9 hours video playback battery life in our current electricity situation in Nigeria is a necessity.

Keep your eyes out for those products and every other product on your list because the next few days will be exciting – head over to Konga Yakata black Friday to see latest. Don’t miss out on all deals!

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