PiggyVest: Make 24% Interest Investing or Saving Your Money

PiggyVest Investment and Savings App Nigeria
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Looking for an investment and savings platform in Nigeria that is legit, then look no further than Piggyvest savings and investment app.

Heard of Osusu, Isusu or Esusu and the rest including those cooperatives that gives bag of rice, carton indomie, carton of sardines… At Xmas time. Well, you have an app now for that.

With Piggyvest app, you can invest with as little as N1,000 in various Nigerian sectors structured out on the app like agriculture, transportation, real estate and much more.

Whats more?

You can save on Piggyvest app and get back huge interests and benefits.

Who owns Piggyvest?

Piggyvest is owned by 3 entrepreneurs in Nigeria – Co-founders Somto Ifezue, Odunayo Eweniyi and Joshua Chibueze who are also the co-founders of PushCV.

A year after Piggyvest started – roughly 2016, they already helped 450 users save N21million using the Piggyvest website which was called Piggybank at the time.

Read more about them on Techabal

How does Piggyvest work?

Piggyvest works in 2 ways which are the investment part of the app called Piggyvest Investify and the savings part with various savings plans called Piggyvest Savings.

Both Investify and Savings gives you interest rates of 10% up to 24% per annum and some of the interest comes upfront. That is, you get your interest now while the capital is invested and so on.

Piggyvest interest rates

Piggyvest Savings – Savings plans 

  • Safelock 13% interest rate
  • Piggybank 10% interest rate
  • Flex Naira 10% interest rate
  • Targets 10% interest rate
  • Flex dollar 5% interest rate

Piggyvest Investify – Investment plans

  • Sesame seed 18% interest rate
  • Maize farm 12% interest rate
  • Poultry farm 12% interest rate
  • Rice farm 14% interest rate
  • Ginger 24% interest rate

The interest rates work in simple ways, for instance you decide to go with an investment like Sesame seed with 18% interest rate while investing N5,000 you will get N5,900 back.

Same thing with the Piggyvest saving interest rates.

Download the Piggyvest app to see all the current interest rates.

Piggyvest Investify

Piggyvest Investify is the part of Piggyvest that gives you access to investments in various Nigerian sectors like Agriculture, real estate and others.

Examples of investments on Piggyvest app;

Poultry farm – N5,000 per share with 18% interest rate in 9 months.
Ginger farm – N5,000 per share with 24% interest rate on investment.

Others include – Rice investment, Maize investment, Sesame seed investment, Fish farm investment, Soybeans investments and much more.

These investments on Piggyvest Investify are all pre-vetted to make sure they are low risk and more importantly, legit so have no fear.

Piggyvest Savings

If you are just looking to save some cash for a rainy day or goal to be met – rent, birthday, car, buying of land, saving for festive season….. Whatever the reason can be is up to you.

The difference between Piggyvest and savings in banks are much. 

For one, Piggyvest Savings start with huge interest earned and paid to your account then you also have the option of easy withdrawals.


Piggyvest Piggybank is your first stop on savings in the Piggyvest app once you start your savings journey.

With the Piggybank savings, each deposit is automatic at the time frame set by you which can also be adjusted by you when ever you want at no extra cost.

Flex Naira

This is a flexible savings account on Piggyvest where you get 10% per annum or year on your deposit made throughout the year.

Difference between Flex Naira and Piggybank is very simple, with Flex Naira, you can withdraw your savings 4x a month but Piggybank gives you access to othdraw your savings at a 4x throughout the whole saving term.


Is like a fixed deposit account where you set a duration of time you need your money locked in untocuhed by you from a duration of as little as just 10 days up to 1,000 days which is about 3 years. 

And you get paid upfront about 13% of your deposit.


Piggyvest Targets are savings for a specific goal like travel, fees, gadgets buying, business or even no reason at all. And each of these goals and targets can come with challenges which you can join with others or go alone.

An example of current ongoing target is the PS5 target challenge which when you join, you are expected to challenge yourself into investing N3,900 for 50 days as at time of this writing.

Others include the Girls trip, Christmas shopping, Dubai savings…… You can join challenges, create yours or go at it alone.

You also earn interest on your target savings just like the rest of Piggyvest Savings.

How to register for Piggyvest

First download the Piggyvest app – Click here to begin your download.

  • Choose create an account
  • Add your details
  • Then deposit money in your wallet.

Once you have money in your wallet, you can then use some of it or all of it for investments, savings and whatever you desire on the app.

How to save money on PiggyVest

To start saving on PiggyVest is as simple as ABC as long as you have a working debit or credit card.

  • Login to your Piggyvest account
  • Select any of the saving plans you are interested in.
  • Fill it for withdrawal dates or continue as is.

Viola! You have started your savings journey.

The good it is you can start with as low as N50 to save daily, weekly, monthly or flexible plans.

You can also save any amount randomly – today N50 and tomorrow N1,100…. After that you can save N200. It is totally flexible t save on PiggyVest.

How to invest money on PiggyVest

To invest money is any of the Piggyvest products like Poultry farming explained above, do the following.

  • Login to Piggyvest app
  • Click on Investify at the bottom of the screen
  • Select any of the Piggyvest investments you are interested in.
  • Enter an amount .

Wait and collect your investment with interest added to it at the end of the tenure.

How to withdraw money on PiggyVest

To withdraw your money on PiggyVest is just as quick as depositing it.

  • Login to Piggyvest app
  • Go to my account
  • Scroll down to the wtidrawal section and click on withdraw
  • Select the Piggyvest package or plan you want to withdraw your money from
  • Verify your banking details for extra security
  • Withdraw the amount you want.

You will be paid in less than 24 hours.

Note: As said earlier, in most Piggyvest Savings plans, you have dates you fixed for withdrawal and if you withdraw on those dates, they don’t come with interest penalties butif you withdraw outside those dates, there will be penalties of up to 5%.

Piggyvest contact

To reach out to Piggyvest, you can visit the head office Tesmot House, 3 Abdulrahman Okene Close, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Or call 0700933933933 on Monday to Fridays – 9am to 5pm Nigerian time.

Piggyvest is the app you wish you downloaded a lot earlier so by now you would have not only be collecting your interest but also investment profits and even capital gains.

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