AR Emojis: Facts And How To Download Them In Samsung Phone

AR emojis
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Emoji is a famous name among young smartphone users and this is because we make use of them whenever we chat with family, friends and even business associates. Ever since the first Smiley was introduced on yahoo messenger, mobile phones manufacturers have added smiley on their smartphones.

Before now, smartphones usually features plain blobs Smiley’s, but with improvements and modification made on android interface, newer smiley with different skin and hair colors has been incorporated.

Augmented reality

The augmented reality (AR) emoji is a version of smiley that represents human feelings and emotions. Furthermore, the AR emojis have been built into the software of some Samsung device. Interesting the AR emoji found in Samsung phones gives a more thrilling experience; you can personalize your emoji and also change hair type, hair color and more.

AR emoji made its debut with the release of Samsung latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S9, although it came with some hassle, some users find it thrilling. Moreover, Samsung did not just feature the AR emoji only in S9, some other Samsung phones like galaxy note 9, A8 star, A7 etc also support the AR emoji.

By the way, Samsung is not the only phone brand that have added the emoji feature, Apple also have the Animoji which came with iPhone X. Since the AR emoji is currently only on Samsung and Apple device, users who cannot afford them might not be happy about this.

The good news is that a Chinese company is planning on adding a facemoji keyboard on android device. This keyboard will have its own animated AR emoji features and will give a different feeling from the Samsung AR emoji and Apple Animoji.


The facemoji keyboard will allow users create GIFs or photos of themselves as animated pizza, unicorn, pineapple etc. Also, the facemoji app uses the front camera of your phone to match the emoji to your face.

 Apart from the thrilling AR emoji, the app will also come with AR filters that are similar to the snapchat filter. The filters includes a dog face, kitty ears, bunny ears etc., as time goes by, we hope to see more filters.

You can also record videos using the AR emoji, you can sing, talk, and express yourself with your personalized emoji. After completing the AR emoji video you can save and then share to others.

Samsung has also added augumentes reality assistant that makes emoji creation easier. You can use the bixby quick command to create your emoji, all it requires ia your voice command.

What are AR Emojis?

AR Emoji

Few years ago, smileys found on smartphone were simply plain and do not really express the users feelings and emotion. With improvement in smartphones, phones now comes with better emojis, for instance the AR emoji found in Samsung device allows users turn their photos into emoji.

This means emoji or smiley will no longer look like the usually ones we see on some smartphones, the emoji icon will look like the user.

Furthermore, the AR emoji on Samsung will mimic the user’s facial expression and gesture, so they can represent and express their feelings on chats. Also, Samsung has added 18 new augmented reality (AR), these added features depict different expressions and emotions.

 Problems that came with AR Emoji

Just like the saying “nothing is perfect”, well praised AR emoji also comes with its cons. Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 has pretty good AR emoji applications that works well and shows no lag when creating the emoji.

However, i cannot really say the same about the Galaxy A7 and J7 Duo which shows great lag when creating the AR emoji. This is a big issue as users will not have a baggage free experience while using the AR emoji app on galaxy A7 and J7 duo.

Another significant problem is that the emoji the AR emoji app create might not necessarily look like the user, afterall, it is only a software trick. Truth be told, the Samsung AR emoji actually looks creep when the emoji is created, and this may be because the emoji is actually meant to mimic the user, but it didn’t do that so well!

Apple’s Animoji and facemoji actually looks better because they are animated cartoons and do not give the emoji life-look.  Nevertheless, we hope to see an AR emoji application that can create animated emojis that closely resembles the users in the future.

Apart from Samsung Galaxy A7 and J7 Duo, Galaxy Note 8 also comes with these issues, the general interface also stutters when playing out animation. Despite being just a software trick, the AR emoji app might require more processing power to function effectively.

In fact, this may be the reason why the latest Samsung smartphone S9 has letter AR processing abilities than its predecessor A7 and J7 duo.

Facts on AR emoji

It is important to know that the AR emoji does not replace written conversations, but only helps users express their emotion with emojis. Emojis have positively affected conversations as people can now express themselves without saying a word with the use of AR emojis.

The AR emoji also comes with Disney characters and this is made possible by the partnership between Samsung and Disney. Samsung AR emoji comes with Disney icons like mickey, Minnie and Donald.

In addition to the Disney icon, you can also download AR emoji characters from the Mr. incredible on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Some of the Mr. credible icons that can be downloaded are violet, elastic girl, dash, jack jack etc.

You can also download them for free using the inbuilt phones camera app.

Users can simply download icons from Mr. incredible cartoon by opening the camera app. Next tap the plus icon to access the galaxy app store, then select the Mr. incredible AR pack and start downloading. The AR emoji is able to recognize about 100 facial features which enables it create a digital replica of the user.

Guess what! The AR emoji is making waves as Samsung claims more than 6 billion. Creating AR emoji is very easy, the first step is to open camera. Next tap AR emoji then create avatar, then follow the instructions that will appear on your screen. Finally, personalize the emoji and start enjoying it.

ar emojis
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