The Top 20 Battery Draining Apps On iPhone You Should Avoid

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Table of Contents

Keep in mind that these are the top ten apps that are draining my iPhone’s battery. Your apps might be different, although a lot of the ones listed below are very popular within the App Store.

For more obscure applications, I’ve added in some similar applications for perspective –– these asides may or may not have similar problems.

1). Moves

Moves is a popular motion tracking pedometer app owned by Facebook. It uses the M7 and M8 motion coprocessor to track your steps and GPS to track your location.

Both these tasks are battery hogging beasts, which is why just by having Moves (or most other motion tracking apps) running on your iPhone get about 2 hours 15 minutes less battery life per day.

2). BT Wi-Fi

BT Wi-Fi is an app that allows you to join all the free BT hotspots across the country. It’s constantly sending out Wi-Fi pings to see if you’re by a BT Wi-Fi zone you can connect to when out and about.

Because of this (Wi-Fi takes up a ton of battery life) BT Wi-Fi leaves you with 1 hour 42 minutes less battery life every day. Other Wi-Fi hotspot apps may be similar.

3). Google Search

The Google Search app is what gives you Google Now capabilities on your iPhone. But the app also has heavy location tracking features, which leave you with 1 hour 24 minutes less battery life every day.

4). Facebook Messenger

Of course, just having Facebook Messenger on your iPhone reduces your battery life by 1 hour 20 minutes.

5). Facebook

I’m seeing a theme with Facebook-owned apps. The normal Facebook app will reduce your daily battery life by 1 hour 15 minutes.

6). Google Hangouts

Another Google app that destroys your battery life. Using Hangouts will reduce your daily battery life by 1 hour 09 minutes.

7). H&M

This app was a surprise to me because I hardly ever open it. Yet H&M was still sucking 1 hour 09 minutes from my daily battery life.

8). Whatsapp

Another app I use infrequently, but Whatsapp was eating 58 minutes of my battery life a day.

9). Google Maps

Battery life sucked from my iPhone over the course of a normal day: 52 minutes.

Truthfully, I’m surprised Google Maps wasn’t eating more than 52 minutes of my battery life a day, considering how much I use it.

10). Viber

This one was shocking because I use Viber maybe once a week. Yet it was eating 43 minutes of my battery life a day.


It is recommended that you avoid the apps you don’t use too much that eat your battery life. However, as you can see from my list, that isn’t usually practical. Sure, you can force-quit an app once you are done with it, but even then it’s still usually using some background processes (to deliver location services or push notifications).

So short of these developers carrying out further optimizations for their app’s battery usage, the best thing you can do to increase battery life is by optimizing battery use in other places across your iPhone and turning of Background App refresh in Settings.

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