32 Ways Google Assistant Can Make You More Productive

google assistant
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Table of Contents

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. Unlike the company’s previous virtual assistant, Google Now, Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations. (Wikipedia)

1)    Send and receive a text: Google assistant is used to sending a message from the home speaker without lifting a finger just tell Google Assistant “text” followed by the contacts name and then your message.

Want to read a text your eyes are quite fixed on something else? Just tell the assistant to “read me my messages” and it will read your most recent texts. You can also be specified by adding the contact’s name- “Read me my message from Frank”.

2)    Google assistant voice command: helps to unlock your device, all you need do is to go to Google assistant settings and select Ok Google Detection and then on Trusted Voice.

3)    Use for opening apps: Busy with your baby and you want to see your latest notification, all you need do is to say “ok”, Google opens my mail.

4)    Share bus routes on demand: Input the address of where you live and work on Google assistant, and your smartphone can show you the time the next bus or train that you can take to work often. You can also get directions to your smartphone. Google assistant will also tell you the time to get off the bus, or the time to change routes if you don’t go out often with public transportation.

bus routes

Google assistant’s voice apps share bus and train routes for some areas, this will help people to get public transportation with less stress and also reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

5)    Tells me more about my day:  The Google assistant’s my day feature helps by showing you your next appointment, by giving you direction to a location and also running through some other basic things.

Specific actions such as your routines are added to your my daily routine, so you listen to your daily news.

6)    Notes: You have your hands full at the moment and you need to put something down very fast, just open your assistant and say “note to self” followed by whatever you needed to out down to recall. Using this for this first Time your device will let you pick a compatible app you want to associate with your notes. Almost all android note-taking apps such as Google keep, eternity and Microsoft one more can be used. You can also choose to have the note sent to your email or sent to an email address via Gmail.


You work more on spreadsheets, for you to add notes or data to an existing Google sheet, all you need do is to tell google assistant to ‘take note’. You need an account at freeIFTTT service, you sign up, activate and configure google’s official note-to-spreadsheet applet and say all you need to be noted.

7)    Act as your secretary: Google assistant can work as your secretary and compute a running daily list, you to do list or anything you can imagine, then you get the list as an email at the end of the day. It can also send the list to many people or post it into an app such as slack, Evernote or Trello.

8)    Reminds: Google assistant helps you to set a reminder for a particular day and time. For example, ”remind to pick up papers for the office”, you can also create a reminder that will pop up when you get to a particular location, for example, remind to call the Frank when I get to the office”. You can also create a reminder that recorded by adding “every” into the command. For example “remind me to call mum every day at 11 is”.

9)    Making of calls: On the wheels and wants to make a call? the assistant will act as hour operator, tell it to call the person from your contact and the call will be made. Want to be completely hands-free? add “on speakerphone” to the end of your request.

Making calls

10)    Find mail: Google assistant makes it easy to find emails in Gmail. Ask it to “find emails from” a specific contact or subject and it will show up results that fall within its interface.

11)    Send mail: Google assistant can be used to send mail via Gmail, by using this format: “ send email to (contact address), your subject, and then your message.

Send Mail

12)    Volume of audio: listening to an important audio, and you what it to be more audible, tell assistant to turn up the volume or turn down if the volume is too high, you can also set to a specific volume or percentage (e.g “set the volume to 8” or “set volume to 70%)

13)    Swipe and search through the phone setting: You can tell Google assistant to turn on or off Wifi, Bluetooth, flashlight, airplane mode or battery savers mode, or to brighten or dim your home screen.

14)    Calculation and conversions: Having issues with calculation or a particular conversion let Google assistant handle it, from liters to gallons, euros to dollars, name it Google assistant will you the information you need in little or no time.

15)    General information: Want to know a definition, translations or spellings, ask google assistant any type of fact you can think of, that will make you more informed.

16)    Image search: Working on a pictorial project and you need images, ask Google assistant to do a google image search on the topic of the project and you will get much better images.

17)    Direction: It’s the weekend and you are out with your friend, but you have no clue s to where you can have a meal or party. Google assistant will help, by a feature of nearby, you can find out places around you that offer the service you are looking for. Ask google assistant to “show me nearby restaurants”, you get a list of restaurant names with their star rating, clip in your choice of restaurant and you get the address, direction and a phone number to the restaurant.


18)    Vacation spot suggestion: On leave at work and want to go on vacation but you have your place or idea in mind, google assistant can serve as your travel planner, just as Google assistant, “ what are some great vacation ideas? You can be more specific “ what are the best places for vacation in October”, Google assistant will pop up a list of search result, that you can click for more information.

19)    Clue on shows and movies:  You want a relaxing movie or show time with friends and family members, ask Google assistant to start streaming the show of your choice.

Clue on shows and movies

20)    Whether Forecaster: Planning a romantic getaway with your partner, and you need to be sure the weather will be okay. Just ask Google assistant the weather and it will tell you if it will be sunny or old or rainy.

21)    Booking of movie tickets: With google assistant, you can search for a movie based on the title, actors starring and what’s playing in the theaters near you. You can then book a ticket of your choice though, Fandango. The process of waiting in line is removed.

22)    Play tunes: Driving on a long distance journey and you feel like listening to some song, keep your hands on the wheels and tell Google assistant to “play music”.

23)    Shopping list: Going shopping and you don’t want to forget your shopping list or forget anything on your list. If you have been using Google keep, then you don’t have to worry. Google assistant can get your shopping list. All you need do is to go into your Google assistant settling, you then select shopping list, the Google assistant will retrieve your shopping list from Google keep.

Shopping list

24)    Find a loan: Google assistant will answer all your questions about finding and paying back of loans with Leslie. After you answer a few questions, Leslie will redirect you to a listing of loan offers that suits you.

25)    Google assistant wake up: Tired of your alarm tone that wakes you up in the morning, you can trust google assistant to wake you up right in time. Tell Google assistant “ wake me up at 9 am,” to set an alarm. You can be specific about the alarm tone, say “ wake me up at 9 am to the song” and it will play the settled song to wake you up.

Google assistant wake up

26)    Set kitchen timer: It’s been awhile you cooked in your home, and you are having a lovely evening with your spouse. Set the baked chicken on a timer by saying, “ok, google, set the baked ”chicken for 2 hours”.

27)    Find a show on television: Love watching a specific show on television, instead of scrolling through the television channel list, just ask google assistant when the specific shows are going to be played and on what channel. E.g just ask “when is grey’s anatomy on next,”

Find a show on television

28)    Get motivational quotes: You are down emotionally and in a bad place, your google assistant will help in this situation with famous motivational quotes. Simply ask Google assistant.

29)    Play game: Bored and lonely, finding difficult to entertain yourself, google assistant will be glad to help. Hit the software button and tell google assistant “I’m bored”. Google assistant can tell corner jokes and play games such as solitaire, google assistant can also entertain with random fun, such as funny videos.

Play game

30)    Use your camera to identify your surrounding: Google lens will help you recognize the object you point your phone’s camera to.

31)    If you decide to embark on a journey: Google Assistant is always your friend you can learn new language skills or dialect spoken in your destination country. It’s of great importance that you know basic conversation skills, to get you around the city. Just tap on Google assistant go to the settings section and tap on language preferences. You would be able to set it to the desired language.

32)   Bedtime story: Are you bored and tired but your kids want to hear a bedtime story at night you can tap on Google assistant and say “tell me a kid’s bedtime story” you can even play music genre from your Google assistant?

kids bedtime story

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