19 Genius Ways To Get FREE Internet At Home

19 genius ways to get free internet at home
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Are you looking for ways you could browse and enjoy the internet at home without paying for a cable?

Perhaps you are at a function or a friend’s house and you just want to have a peek on what is trending online or read a blog and maybe Skype with a distant family member, without having to worry about not having a Wi-Fi service? And if you are like most individuals you simply just need to be connected to the internet most of the time.

From the question above, I bet we pretty much all do, and would jump on the opportunity to make it happen. So for this reason, we have put together 19 genius ways to get free internet at home without stressing about having that cable plans.

1. Use your phone’s data as hotspot:

Use your phones data as hot spot

Mobile hotspots are also known as portable hotspots, and is created by hardware devices or smartphones to enable sharing of phones data. This allows access to cellular signals by converting 3G and 4G signals to Wifi. This option has proven over the years, to be as effective as the regular routers and modem connections, and also less expensive.

It also provides flexibility by allowing the connection of more than one device for usage at a time. So anytime you find yourself at home and not being able to connect to that company’s Wi-Fi, because you can’t take it home with you or you find yourself not being able to renew your cable plans.

Do remember that you have a device always in your pocket and ready to serve you at any time as an internet provider, thereby helping in making sure you have internet on your laptop at all times.

If you have an android device, you can enable hotspot by :

  • Heading to Settings
  • Then go to Network and internet
  • Click Hotspot then slide the toggle next to Wifi hotspot into the on position.

IOS users need to go to Settings then Personal Hotspot and slide the toggle.

2. Share someone’s internet:

There is also a possibility that there is someone in your home who has internet, either a modem or their mobile data which they can give you access to. All you have to do is ask, or you can turn on your Wifi to find other Wifi networks near you. This will require you to ask for their passwords in other to join their networks. You can also save this password to enable you connect automatically at any time when they have their Wi-Fi turned on.

Someone might ask, but how can I do this with the features on my phone?

It is pretty simple, on both android and IOS there is an app called find Wi-Fi. You can use this app with your phones location service to find Wifi near you.

3. WiFi Map:

This is the largest Wi-Fi community in the world and available in 59 different languages around the world. It is an app that allows and give you access to connect to millions of hotspots around you. Moreover, this app is like a database for all free Wifi around the world, and for its free version the app only allows you to search for hotspots within a 2.5 mile radius, and is known to be the best choice for travellers.

The best part about using this app is that you can always disconnect from a network without a strong signal and connect to another one. All you have to do is download the app and search around your area that you want to have internet, it will bring up the networks that are closest to you and you can choose which one to connect to.

4. Using free trial internet services:

Using free trial internet services

We all know about certain apps on our android or IOS devices that sets us up with amazing offers for the free trial periods which may last for certain days or weeks till one can pay for the full service right? Yes, I’m sure we do.

The good trick is that this also exists for free internet services as well, yes” it does. There are simple apps you could look for like that makes this action possible

These apps offer free hours of internet service during their promotions, so you really have to be on a lookout so you don’t miss out on the chances of having free internet during these trial periods of promotions, All you need to do is put in a payment method during set up and making sure you cancel on the offer before the trial expires and the promotions end to avoid money being deducted which shows you have started the original plans after the free trial. Got it? Great!

5. Instabridge:

Instabridge is a Wi-Fi app and also a Wi-Fi sharing community that allows you to share Wifi networks with your friends, and allows you to get more than a million up-to-date Wifi passwords and hotspots. For example, you have your friends over in your home, and all of you are on instabridge’’ but you would like to connect to free Wifi without the hassle of asking for a password, Instabridge allows you to have access to each -others network without having to ask for a password.

And if any of your friends change their passwords, Instabridge will automatically update it for you without you even knowing. It also lets you sync your passwords between your tablets and your phones. The app is available for both android and IOS, and can be found on either Google play or app store. 

6.  Ask your neighbours:

Ask your neighbours

I know this sounds a bit off or perhaps awful, but sometimes getting free internet at home can be as genius as asking your neighbours, which many might never do even if it works almost all the time.

There are many simpler ways you can afford to do this without having to feel awkward, you can either ask to have their Wifi password in exchange for something that you could offer them or do something they might require, or simply just paying them a little fee compared to what you might spend for an internet service in order for them to feel they have saved money by you offering cost sharing etc.

If they let you do this, be sure not to perform any illegal actions like file sharing or downloading large files or HD movies, games, etc. without their permission.

7.  Go old school:

When I say go old school I don’t mean go back to the 60s or 80s, I simply mean go to the old way of doing things which may have been under looked because of recent changes in technology around the world. If you are lucky enough to have hangout spots around your home there is a possibility of having free internet in those places. Perhaps you live very close to the airport, or a coffee shop, or a restaurant, hotels and businesses. There is so much guarantee that you will have free internet access in these places, all you have to do is pay these places random visits and enjoy the benefits of those visits.

8. Ask your cable company if they offer free hot spots:

Ask your cable company if they offer free hot spots

There are a bunch of cable companies out there that offer free Wi-Fi, you just have to check if yours is one of them. The cable product offers their cable/ internet customers or subscribers who have cable and internet service as an addition to their home services. This means you won’t have to exhaust your phones data. This gesture is known with cable companies to be an act of the future, which will more likely keep more customers than their competitors.

9. Search for hidden networks:

This involves a little bit of digging in and sniffing, you are more like a spy except this time for hidden networks in your area, this is set aside from the apps we have discussed about and the places around you, however it has to do with you doing a little bit of searching to bring all the hidden hotspots out of hiding, which owners don’t want to be found by many users. This app differs from android and IOS devices.

android devices, opening the settings app and choose Wi-Fi > tap the action
overflow and choose add network > tap the network name into the box >
choose the security settings. 

In most cases hidden networks like this don’t require passwords, but if it does, ask for it and type it in, to enjoy a period of saving your data usage.

In IOS devices, go to settings > Wi-Fi > make sure Wifi is turned on, then tap other. Enter the exact name of the network, then tap security. Choose the security type. Tap other network to return to the previous screen. Enter the network password in the password field, then tap join.

10. Signing up for a loyalty program:

Signing up for a loyalty program with SMEs

Some businesses out there offer free Wi-Fi if you sign up for a loyalty program with them. Perhaps you are a customer who demonstrates loyal buying behaviour, some companies as a form of customer relationship strategy are structured to offer incentives as such to customers. This is usually done by SMEs (small / medium enterprises), because acquiring customers isn’t quite easy as they want it to be so it is important to them that they make such offers as rewards to keep old customers and also attract new ones.

11. Cut down on a bill:

As funny and weird as it sounds, one of the easiest ways to get free internet at home is simply by cutting down on expenses on other things you purchase. This may be grocery, laundry or just frivolous things you are quite aware you spend money on that may not be necessary to have.

This works best for you, if you are the type that always find yourself needing to connect to the internet when at home and always find it difficult to do so. It will save you a lot of troubles in cutting down your expenses.

To save up some money for internet services, I know it seems a bit difficult especially when we have found ourselves in these habits of always getting things regardless of if they are of need to us. But there are available articles you could read up on about cutting down expenses and it will be important to do so, and learn how to also do so to save up some of that money for getting free internet while at home.

12. Simple MAC address spoofing:

This type of free internet service, works for locations where there is access to their network connections but is only available for a few hours or limited time. In order to extend your internet time and hours, you can spoof other addresses in the same location that has unlimited access to the paid service and add to yours to extend your time length of the internet usage, and get unlimited Wi-Fi that way.

This does not require any hacking of any kind, for those that might have questions about this act of getting free internet, it helps to just get free hours of internet time if you just do a quick survey. Surely, it works best for addresses with unlimited internet services.

Sounds so genius, or don’t you agree?

13. Buy a portable router:

Buy a portable router

Portable routers are not expensive, and can last whole day after a single charge. Instead of always being connected to the internet via cable, portable routers uses sim cards and allows you to connect 3G and 4G networks anywhere in the world. The best part about these routers is that it allows you to connect at least 10 devices simultaneously, including phones, tablets, laptops, Ipads, game consoles, cameras etc.

This devices vary in particular capabilities, but as long as there is network coverage in the destination you are in, you will be able to access the internet. Most portable routers are relatively small and lightweight so you are not restricted where you can take them. 

14.  Avast WiFi finder App:

This app is a free mobile app on android and IOS that provide you with access to database of public Wi-Fi networks without being connected to the internet. In order to use this app for the first time you may have to be connected to the internet, alternatively you may launch the app at home, and download an offline map with all hotspots. When you start the map, you will be shown a list of nearby hotspots with a description whether the spot is free or requires a login information. 

15. WiFi finder:


Wi-Fi finder is another great app that allows you to find Wi-Fi services and networks wherever you go. When you run it, it immediately shows a map with your current location, and allows you to filter the venues by type. Bars, coffee shops, hotels, airports etc.

This app has a huge collection of passwords provided by users, and you can also contribute to the developers by sending log in data information from any place. When you get a list of hotspots simply tap the one you need and copy the password. Some passwords maybe hidden, to unlock them you will have to rate the app in app store. 

16. Wifinity:

This is yet another app that allows you to gain access to Wifi networks around the world, and their locations. You can get this app and connect to hotspots that only use password protected networks, and you can share Wi-Fi access and connect for free. It has protected database networks owned by hotels and businesses, and is easy to connect and use with no roaming charges, and also provides access to over 600,000 hotspots worldwide. And is available for both android and IOS, devices. 

17. Free zone:

 Free Zone

This app is only available for android users, and it automatically allows you to discover which of the Wi-Fi hotspots around you that actually works. It also allows you to get access to Wi-Fi passwords shared by others. Freezone does not hack Wi-Fi networks nor will it bypass their passwords, instead it will automatically connect you to the nearest network to you, by notifying you anytime there is a network around you to connect to or tell you where the nearest network is, that you can easily connect to.

 18. Save for later:

In order to enjoy this in full options without feeling the lack of internet service, or at most have the feeling of enjoying internet at home after making use of a limited internet, is saving webpages as files for later viewing.

Not quite the full option of enjoying free internet at home as you were expecting, but also counts if all you want to do at home on the internet is all you have saved for later, So next time you find yourself making use of a limited internet access, either at that coffee shop, that hotel, that airport or that business, open the articles you want to read on and right click to save the webpage on your computer. 

 19. Check with your internet service provider:

Most internet service providers usually give access to free internet but not all do well to inform customers, so it is always important to make sure you ask of all the available options and offers before you do that sign up with their service. Most ISP’s do this to save customers money as well as increase their patronage, either by certain periods of offers (weeks, months) of free internet when you bundle with them.

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