Why You Need An iOS Update For Your Apple Device

Why You Need An iOS Update
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I’m sure every iPhone user will agree with me on the fact the Apple Company loves updates, right? Sometimes, we ask ourselves if these updates are really necessary? After all, the phone seems to work fine, right? Well, as annoying as those update pop-ups may seem, I want to assure you that it is of the utmost importance.

Truth be said, the choice to update is 100% yours to make as certain things have to be taken into consideration. Firstly, if you have a jail-broken iPhone, you might want to give a second thought to updating your iOS. Secondly, if you own an older device [probably two or more models behind the latest product] and you are satisfied with your phone’s performance.

If you fall into any of these categories, updating your iPhone iOS is a gamble. Certain issues could come up such as a decrease in battery life, occurrence of keyboard bugs, and general performance problems are some of the risk you face.

Meanwhile,this does not necessarily mean that updating these type of phones is a bad idea as updates are definitely beneficial to the user. iOS updates come with important security features and fix loopholes that could compromise your device.

Hence it is best you know about theses fixes and then decide if it’s really worth updating your iOS.

For everyone who doesn’t fall into the two categories stated above, then updating your iOS to it’s latest version is one of the best things that could happen to you. Now you may ask, Why then should I update my iOS?

There are a few answers to this question. You should know that no OS is perfect as there will always be flaws hidden in that beautiful OS you are using – and it’s only a matter of time before the bad guys [a.k.a hackers] find this backdoor and then all of your private data and information are completely vulnerable to attacks.

This could definitely put you at risk for identity theft, loss of money, and the likes. Software updates usually come with critical patches to security holes in your iOS.

Software updates usually come with critical patches to security holes in your iOS

Also, Updates are usually provided to improve existing iOS installs on your phone. This gives enough reason to get these updates as they help to keep your iOS up-to-date and trouble-free.

In addition, at some point in time, Apple will stop supporting whatever version you dont want to let go of and the only solution will be to upgrade your software, just like everyone else! So why delay the inevitable?

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Other than these, iOS updates also come with new or enhanced features which are aimed at making your user experience much better. Updates could help improve battery depletion rate or performance speed and help in fixing bugs present in your current OS which in turn improves your phone functionality.

Now that you know these, do have it in mind that before you download any update, ensure you read other users reviews first to confirm that it is safe to install in the first place. Moving on, we will discuss how you can download and install any new iOS update.

There are two ways to go about this. You can upgrade to the latest version either through iTunes or directly on the iPhone.

The first is to perform the update using iTunes on your macOS or Windows PC. You can follow the steps below:

update using iTunes on your macOS or Windows PC
  • You connect and sync your iPhone with the computer and then open iTunes on the PC.
  • To access the device management screen, click the icon for your phone in the top left corner
  • It is important you sync your device with your PC as this helps to create a backup of all the data on your phone. Backup is needed should anything go wrong during the upgrade process.
  • Soon as you are done with the sync process look to the top of the iPhone management screen. You’ll get information on what version of the iOS your device is operating, if there’s a new version, a message telling you about it will be displayed. Just below that, there is a button labeled Update. Click on it to start the update process.
  • A window will pop up and you can decide on which one you prefer. You either click Download Only to download the software for a later update or Download and Install to update immediately.
  • Another window comes up which contains information about the new features, fixes, and any changes the new version of the iOS offers. Go through these, and when you are done,you click Next.
  • Feel free to click Agree on the next window that pops up to confirm the user agreement terms.
  • Congratulations! Your update download is on the way. This will automatically install the update on your device after it completes. If more windows pop up after this, You should click through them and follow the instructions.
  • Once the installation is complete, your device will restart automatically.
  • After the restart, you’ll need to do a few more things on your device. This is has to do with accepting licensing terms, reviewing information about the update’s new features, and configuring new settings.
  • Simply follow the onscreen prompts on your device, within seconds, you’ll be using your device with the very latest iOS ;).
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The Second method is to update your iOS Wirelessly on the iPhone. You can follow the steps below:

Important Notice: Before you start, it’s best you

  • Back up your data to iCloud or iTunes to be on the safe side should in case something goes wrong during the upgrade and your phone needs to be restored.
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network so as to save you money and time as the updates are heavy (usually 1GB or even more).
  • Charge the iPhone battery while you are carrying out the download and installation.

With these in check, you can proceed to:

  • Tap the Settings app on the iPhone Home screen
  • Scroll down and tap General
  • Tap Software Update.If there is any update available, it will display what the update contains.
  • Feel free to tap Download and Install. the download process will start.
  • Press on Install Now. Next your screen will go dark and then display the Apple logo. A progress bar showing the status of the update is seen.
  • Soon as the iOS update finishes, the iPhone restarts and displays a completion notice.
  • And we are done!

Some popular problems people face when updating include:

Space Problem

If you need more space for the iOS update, you can delete files and apps you don’t make use of manually from your phone to create more space.Using either of the methods listed above, you’ll end up having the same amount of free space on your phone after updating the iOS.

Why You Need An iOS Update For Your Apple Device 1

Sometimes if iOS software updates are not available wirelessly. VPN or proxy connections might be responsible for preventing the phone from interacting with the update servers. So check this out if you use either. If the download process is taking too much time, it’s advisable you avoid downloading other things and also make use of a Wi-Fi network if you can. this will improve the download speed.

Feel free to drop comments and questions if you have any. You will be promptly replied. Thanks

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